• Grab Singapore Announces Top Local Shuttler Loh Kean Yew as First-Ever Brand Ambassador

    Grab Singapore Announces Top Local Shuttler Loh Kean Yew as First-Ever Brand Ambassador

    Grab Singapore, a leading superapp in Southeast Asia, today announced that it will be working with Singapore’s first-ever Badminton World Champion Loh Kean Yew, as its first Singapore brand ambassador. Since clinching the title in 2021, Kean Yew has won the hearts of many Singaporeans with his humble boy-next-door personality and tenacious spirit. The partnership will kick off with a series of interactive campaigns that will help consumers engage with both Grab and Kean Yew in fun ways, and discover how Grab is able to bring convenience and value to them every day.

    “Kean Yew is an inspiration for many Singaporeans. People look up to him and identify with him because he is authentic and works hard for his dreams despite the immense pressure faced by national athletes. His story of growth really captivated us at Grab. In many ways, Kean Yew’s journey as an athlete mirrors our own journey to becoming the leading superapp in Southeast Asia today,” said Yee Wee Tang, Managing Director, Grab Singapore. “We are privileged to be working with Singapore’s first badminton world champion and we hope our platform will continue to bring convenience and value to him and many others who live such fast-paced lives. Look out for our exciting upcoming campaigns with him!”

    “I am extremely humbled to be named Grab Singapore’s first brand ambassador and work with a brand that reflects my values,” said Loh Kean Yew. “As I am always on the move, using the Grab app has become a big part of my daily life. I always look forward to browsing through the many food options on GrabFood especially when I have had a long day of training. It’s also really cool that I can still use the same app around Southeast Asia.”

    To officially launch the partnership, Kean Yew joined Grab’s immersion programme for a day and experienced a bit of being a GrabFood delivery-partner. Donned in the green GrabFood uniform, he made deliveries to five lucky consumers that day. Watch more here: https://youtu.be/opnzcrcznrI

    Consumers can also look forward to catching Loh Kean Yew in upcoming campaigns including:

    • The Kean Yew Rally Instagram AR filter game and giveaway: Participants can stand to win a badminton racket autographed by Loh Kean Yew when they participate in this Grab x Loh Kean Yew AR filter giveaway, hosted on @grab_sg. The contest will run from 6th – 31st October. More information on Grab and Loh Kean Yew’s social media channels.
    • GrabFood Hot Deals: GrabFood consumers can enjoy up to 40% off their favourite meals from 6th – 31st October. Just look out for the GrabFood Hot Deals banner or icon on the GrabFood homepage in-app.
    • Exclusive Grab x Loh Kean Yew GrabGifts card design: Grab users with friends and loved ones who are Loh Kean Yew fans can soon send them Grab e-vouchers with a limited edition Grab x Loh Kean Yew design. More details will be shared on Grab’s marketing channels and in-app soon.
  • Taiwan famous TV show “Someday or One Day” Shooting Locations spark tourism discussions in Singapore, Tainan City Bureau of Tourism prepares for the recovery of Tourism in Tainan

    Taiwan famous TV show “Someday or One Day” Shooting Locations spark tourism discussions in Singapore, Tainan City Bureau of Tourism prepares for the recovery of Tourism in Tainan

    At the end of 2019, the Taiwanese TV series “Someday or One Day” was broadcasted in various Asian countries and it created a viral wave for Tainan in the 1990s. There was a lot of discussion amongst the fans when the Series was being filmed in Tainan, and with the upcoming remake, the Tainan City Bureau of Tourism used the historical and cultural attractions of the Series to create advertisements in South Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia to prepare for the recovery of tourism in Tainan.

    Tainan, located in the southern part of Taiwan, is where everything started for Taiwan and has a long history and culture, and the City is also named by Michelin as a “food capital.” Tainan is only 80 minutes on the HSR from Taoyuan International Airport, and only a 50-minute drive from Kaohsiung International Airport.

    Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che said that Tainan is the capital of tourism and the city has been actively making improvements to match international tourism. Even with the impact of COVID-19, Tainan is still one of the few cities with improving tourism. Kuo Chen-hui, director of Tainan City Bureau of Tourism, said that Tainan is a historic capital of food that has plenty of history and culture, and its popular delicacies have generated plenty of international discussion. Business visas are already available to visitors, and Taiwan will soon issue tourism visas. To promote the tourism of the City, the Tainan City Government has not only worked hard to promote its tourism online, but also to cooperate with various Asian countries’ big cities to promote Tainan, showcase the beautiful city, and welcome tourists once the borders have been reopened.

  • Ion Orchard COS Store’s Brand New Look & Sustainability Efforts

    Ion Orchard COS Store’s Brand New Look & Sustainability Efforts

    The COS store in ION Orchard mall has recently been refurbished and redesigned to become visually pleasing for its customers. With the aim of having a minimalistic interior, while providing a spacious feel, the COS store has repositioned its store layout.

    Store’s New Look

    Upon walking in, customers are greeted with warm beige toned walls, which serves as a pleasant background color for their vibrant clothes to be displayed against. The women’s section star in the entrance of the store, with clothes displayed against the walls, and on their grey toned mannequins.

    Further inside, customers will be greeted with an open floor concept, where the store’s initial cashier position has been replaced with sofa seats, and a small wooden table placed on a grey carpet. Clothes are hung along the walls in this area. A full-length mirror can also be found in this vicinity for customers to admire their outfit choices.

    The original cashier area has been replaced by an open concept small seating area and clothing displays along with a full-length mirror. PHOTO: NUR IHSHANA SHAHEEN
    The cashier is now placed in the middle of the store, widening the spaciousness for customers to walk about. PHOTO: NUR IHSHANA SHAHEEN

    After the cashier, customers will find the men’s section of the store. With mannequins in the middle displaying the latest clothing, customers will find clothing displayed on both their sides. A full-length mirror of bigger width and length is also in this area of the store, giving customers a complete visual of themselves.

    The men’s area stars mannequins in the middle with clothes on either side, along with the store’s largest full-length mirror. PHOTO: NUR IHSHANA SHAHEEN

    Like the front of the store, the men’s area also has a casual seating area placed nearby the fitting room, which allows people to rest while waiting for their loved ones to try out different outfits.

    A simple seating area is prepared for customers to relax or even take photographs of them with their outfits of the day. PHOTO: NUR IHSHANA SHAHEEN

    Speaking of the fitting rooms, there are 3 well-lit rooms with full length mirrors and a stool for customers to have the best view of themselves in the outfits they choose to try on. The fitting room area also shares the same beige toned walls that the rest of the store does, giving users a warm and soothing ambience.

    Beige toned interior walls give off a soothing ambience for the customers to experience while trying on COS store’s products. PHOTO: NUR IHSHANA SHAHEEN

    Due to the store’s minimal and aesthetic look, as well as an array of different sized mirrors, customers can look forward to snapping Insta-worthy shots, be it of themselves, or the little aesthetic details of the store.

    Sustainability Efforts

    Not only has COS redesigned their store for a better customer experience, but they have also ideated ways that they can contribute to the green future of the earth by utilizing sustainable means around their store.

    Recycled cotton, wool, polyester, and nylon are used to reduce their demand of natural resources. Their hangers and mannequins are also made of recycled materials. With these efforts, they hope to lead other brands into conserving the earth and going green.

    COS store’s mannequins and hangers are made using sustainable materials to save the earth, and lead as an example for other brands as well. PHOTO: NUR IHSHANA SHAHEEN

    Walking through the store brings customers a fresh experience, the vibrancy of the new arrival collections, along with their friendly and approachable staff, making it a well-rounded experience. Customers would be thrilled at the concept of sustainable efforts as well, as their contribution would not only benefit them, but the world as well. With a brand-new layout and minimalistic interior design along with sustainable efforts to save the earth and go green, customers are guaranteed a pleasant experience at ION Orchard’s COS store outlet.

  • A new Covid-like virus in bats may be the next pandemic

    A new Covid-like virus in bats may be the next pandemic

    News broke out recently that Russian bats has a new respiratory virus spreading, similar to SARS and the Coronavirus. This new Covid-like virus is known as Khosta-2, and it can infect human cells the same ways as the Coronavirus however it cannot be cured by present medicines, even the Covid vaccine.


    This alarming new virus was found in Russia’s Sochi National Park. When researchers in Russia discovered Khosta-2 and Khosta-1, in 2020, neither pathogen appeared to be particularly dangerous. Interestingly they were not related to SARS-CoV-2 as well. Studies showed that they descended from a distinct lineage that lacked some of the genes thought to be required to combat the human immune system.

    The virus is known as Khosta-2 as a related virus that was also found in Russian bats, Khosta-1 could not affect human cells unlike Khosta-2. Public health experts are conducting tests everyday to ensure that this new virus will stay contained. World Health Organization (WHO) have stated that this type of viruses can be an issue as they can be widespread everywhere and cause a massive pandemic. Fortunately It does seem that Khosta-2 does not latch onto human cells as efficiently as the Coronavirus, but scientists are taking precaution in case Khosta-2 mixes with different virus strains to evolve and create a new variant.


    People should not be alarmed about this new coronavirus as new viruses are found in different animals everyday. The main reason that scientists are keeping their eye on this specific virus is because the virus demonstrated capabilities similar to Covid-19.

    The main worries is that Khosta-2 may gain the gene to spread its infection in the future and that it is also resistant to both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. Scientists have been trying to figure out how this is possible but are still unaware. Antibodies for the Omnicron variant also proved to be ineffective to Khosta-2.

    Another worldwide pandemic would be devastating for a world still recovering from Covid-19 however public health experts and scientists are trying their best to prevent the worst from happening.

  • What’s Happening in Singapore – October 2022

    What’s Happening in Singapore – October 2022

    We’re here at the 10th milestone of 2022 – this calls for an early celebration! From exciting parties and musical events to out-of-this-world exhibitions, here’s a list of what you can do during the month of October.

    A Spanish Serenade with Sunflowers

    1 – 30 October

    This floral display takes inspiration from the region of Andalusia in southern Spain, with the cities of Seville, Granada, Malaga, Jaén and Córdoba being highlights. Sunflowers and other popular Spanish garden blooms like pelargonium, petunias and evergreen palms enhance interpretations of a Spanish courtyard garden; the olive trees that have shaped the Mediterranean world and that symbolise a culture stretching back a thousand years; the famous Patio de las Doncellas (The Courtyard of the Maidens) of the Real Alcázar palace in Seville; and the Fiesta de los Patios (Festival of the Patios), a cultural festival recognised by UNESCO that celebrates the unique patio houses of Córdoba. Andalusian arts and culture like the flamenco dance add to the Spanish flavour of the show.

    More information here.

    The Amazing Family Race

    7 October

    Bond as a family as you race against other families to win attractive prizes.

    Through the various stations, families will learn the importance of supporting each other through different stressors in life. Deepen you and your family’s understanding about common mental health stigma and be equipped with simple yet effective strategies to support others in distress. Registration is free – all you need is a smartphone.

    More information here.

    Q Sound @ The Jazz Loft

    8 October

    A great weekend in store for us as trombonist and musical anarchist Q Sound brings his brand of rhythmic and melodic magic to the Jazz Loft for the first time. He will be joined by Soh Wen Ming on drums, Aiman Radzi on bass, Chee Seng on guitar, and Chok Kerong on piano.

    More information here.

    bbno$ – Live in Singapore

    8 October

    Eccentric hit-maker bbno$ makes his live debut in Singapore! Having collaborated with leading figures in music – Rich Brian, Yung Gravy, Rebecca Black, BENEE, you already know BBNO$ knows how to throw a PARTY. You’re gonna want to be there for this one.

    More information here.

    Shimano Cycling World X Zwift Cycling Challenge

    8 & 15 October

    Do you have what it takes to complete 110 km as a group on Zwift with your friends? Join the Zwift Cycling Challenge to walk away with ONE goodie bag (worth $85) and stand a chance to win grand lucky draw prizes.

    More information here.

    Queen Tribute Night by Part 3

    13 October

    If you love the iconic sounds of Queen, we have a treat for you. Presenting all the way from Manila, the sensational Part 3 band who will be LIVE at Wheeler’s Estate for a ONE-NIGHT-ONLY show performing all the top hits of Queen.

    More information here.

    Swan Lake – The United Ukrainian Ballet

    13 – 16 October

    Direct from the London Coliseum, The United Ukrainian Ballet will arrive in Singapore this October to stage the world’s most well-loved ballet, Swan Lake. Originating from the first immortal bars of Tchaikovsky’s score, Swan Lake transports the audience to another world with this classic tale of good triumphing over evil. 

    More information here.

    Silent Disco in The Sky

    14 October – 5 November

    Following a two-and-a-half-year hiatus, Silent Disco Asia is back with a bang. This year’s edition is brought to you by Pelago, a Travel Experiences platform by Singapore Airlines, with experiences across 50+ destinations globally. Pelago’s Silent Disco spans across 4 weekends set against the stunning backdrop of the city at Marina Bay Sands’ SkyPark Observation Deck

    Situated 57 floors up and boasting unparalleled 360-degree panoramic views of Singapore’s skyline, the MBS SkyPark Observation Deck is an extraordinary vantage point to party the night away. 

    More information here.

    BBC Earth Screening Festival

    15 October

    In this screening, Frozen Planet II, narrated by Sir David Attenboroughwill take centre stage.

    This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch this stunning BBC Earth documentary on a big screen under the stars in the heart of Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay.

    Frozen Planet II  is a six-part series exploring the spellbinding journey through the magical icy lands that cover a quarter of our planet, and an episode “Frozen Ocean” will feature at the Screening Festival. Executive Producer of Frozen Planet II  Mark Brownlow will take audiences behind the scenes, unravelling the joys and challenges of filming the series.

    More information here.

    Marquee Presents MaRLo

    15 October

    Synonymous with a sound and a feeling that has electrified crowds worldwide, Australia’s #1 DJ, MaRLo is back in Marquee for the second time after 2 years. Ranked #49 in the DJ Mag 2016 poll, MaRLo has toured extensively throughout the world at music festivals such as Tomorrowland, EDC, A State of Trance and Ultra Music Festival just to name a few. Join MaRLo on the dancefloor on October 15th. Doors open at 10pm.

    More information here.

    Marquee Presents W&W

    28 October

    Ever since Willem van Hanegem and Ward van der Harst came together in 2007 to form W&W, the Dutch DJ and production duo have transcended the boundaries of genres and traversed the world with their globally acclaimed music and iconic live performances, becoming one of the most sought-after duos the world of electronic music has to offer. Get hyped with W&W on October 28th. Doors open at 10pm.

    More information here.

    Avatar: The Experience

    From 28 October

    Set at Cloud Forest with its iconic vision of waterfalls, spiraling walkways and a unique architectural glass greenhouse, Avatar: The Experience invites guests to connect with the alien world of Pandora, its bioluminescent environments, mystical creatures, flora, and the captivating culture of its indigenous people, the Na’vi.

    Baybeats 2022

    28 – 30 October

    • Powerhouse2 ^The newest and most power-packed addition to the festival grounds, the Powerhouse2 invites underground music fans to a headbanging line-up. Mosh pits welcomed!
    • Annexe^Ranging across dream pop, ambient, hip hop and more the Annexe showcases artists an intimate setting. The Annexe is also a sandbox for international and local collaborations.
    • Chillout Stage: Between the buzz and the hype of the other venues, the Chillout Stage invites you to take a breather and rest your eardrums with a series of acoustic sets.
    • Arena: The Arena is the playground of the Baybeats Budding Bands as well as other genres such as funk rock and surf rock.
    • Open Stage: Against the backdrop of our beautiful waterfront, the Open Stage features up-and-coming musicians in bite-sized 15-min sets held at the lawn right in front of the Singtel Waterfront Theatre at Esplanade.

    More information here.

  • Levi’s® Gets Scary With Universal Monsters For Fall 2022

    Levi’s® Gets Scary With Universal Monsters For Fall 2022

    What would Halloween be without something to give you a few goosebumps? A spinetingling monster or two is exactly what’s needed during the scary season. And Levi’s® has just the thing thanks to a new collaboration with Universal Monsters, the collection of original horror films from Universal Pictures that brought you Frankenstein (1931), The Bride of Frankenstein (1935), and The Mummy (1932), three legacy films that inspired an entire cinematic genre.

    For Fall 2022, the icons of horror meet icons of style in a brand-new collection that celebrates some of the greatest monsters to ever appear on the silver-screen. The Universal Monsters x Levi’s® collection features a lineup of denim, tees, tops & accessories that combines classic Levi’s® silhouettes with archival graphics & text from the original posters of these iconic Universal Pictures films. It’s a collaboration that’s as memorable as the movies that inspired it.

    Essentials from the collection include a black rinse Levi’s® Trucker with a back graphic of Frankenstein’s monster, a white Stay Loose Carpenter pant with Monster graphics, plus a black rinse 501® jean with a giant graphic of The Bride of Frankenstein. Finishing off the collection are a range of tees and accessories—including a Bucket Hat, a Tote, and a Levi’® Sling bag—featuring graphics from the films.

    Each piece in the collection mixes a color scheme of black & white, along with some pops of neon yellow & green. Highlights include clean lines, sharp graphics plus surprise details like glow-in-the-dark prints & sundries that come alive at night! As an ode to the silver-screen trifecta, co-branded elements include a special-edition back patch in black & white, a black & white Levi’s® tab, plus a black & white woven neck label—all which glow-in-the-dark.

    Almost a century after their release, these three cinematic masterpieces are still a chilling adventure for any Halloween movie night. And, as it turns out, a perfect graphic approach for the ultimate dedication to Hollywood’s golden era of horror, made modern.

    The Universal Monsters x Levi’s® collection launches globally on October 3rd and will be available for purchase at Levi’s® Ion Orchard, Plaza Singapura, Vivocity, Bugis Junction & on Levi.com.sg. The assortment includes men’s, women’s & gender-neutral styles and is offered in a wide range of sizes.

  • ViewSonic Unveils Industry-First Foldable Display Solution Kit

    ViewSonic Unveils Industry-First Foldable Display Solution Kit

    Reduced Packaging Offers Enhanced Mobility and Easier Transportation

    ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solutions, introduces the industry-first 135″ All-in-One Direct View LED Display Solution Kit with a foldable screen. The foldable design significantly reduces the packaging size by nearly 50%, compared to the previous generation, offering greater convenience for transportation. With pre-assembled systems and a built-in motorized stand, this solution kit is ready for instant use, perfect for events, exhibitions, or any short-term usage.

    ViewSonic introduces the industry-first 135” All-in-One Direct View LED Display Solution Kit with a foldable screen.

    “In advancing our All-in-One LED Display Solution Kit series, we’ve taken the latest generation to new heights by extending the foldable concept to the extra-large display, adding tremendous convenience for various business uses,” said Dean Tsai, General Manager of Projector & LED Display Business Unit at ViewSonic. “With a folding 135″ large screen, the new solution kit delivers stunning audiovisuals with greater mobility and lowered shipping cost. It can be widely used in the rental business, hospitality, or other industries. By improving the flexibility of our solution, we hope to assist customers to achieve their business goals.”

    Unfold More Possibilities with Enhanced Mobility  

    The new All-in-One LED Display Solution Kit is optimized for better mobility and convenience in delivery. Thanks to the folding feature, the 135″ LED display can easily fit into both traditional freight elevators and large passenger elevators. The packaging size of the movable flight case is also reduced by almost 50% compared to its previous generation, reducing the shipping cost significantly.

    The solution kit is pre-assembled with LED modules, cabinets, a system control box, and a motorized floor stand, all fitting into a moveable flight case. Once unboxed, the solution kit can be set up in just 10 minutes, saving time and effort for installation. Moreover, with just a press of the control buttons, the stand height can be adjusted to a maximum range of 65 cm effortlessly, and three heights can be set as preferences for convenient recurring use. With the 360° silent wheels, the display can be moved freely from one place to another.

    Superior Audiovisual Quality in Extra-Large Screen

    The 135″ Direct View LED Display Solution Kit offers an engaging seamless visual experience. The 1080p Full HD screen, which has 5mm frameless edges, delivers vivid ultra-large visuals without image grids, and its adjustable brightness of up to 600 nits allows the image to be seen clearly at any time.

    Meanwhile, incredible audio from dual Harman Kardon speakers helps engage the audience with an immersive audiovisual experience. Suitable for museums and art exhibitions that demand high-quality performances, as well as luxurious reception rooms, auditoriums, or other large venues.

    All-in-One Solution with User-friendly Features

    The All-in-One LED Display Solution Kit is designed with a user-centric perspective in mind, integrating the LED modules, image stitching, power supply, and control systems into one device, offering intuitive installation and operation. It also boasts worry-free maintenance by supporting swappable modules, control systems, and full-front servicing using an electric vacuum suction tool.

    For real-time content sharing, the new solution kit comes with Wi-Fi connectivity to cast from mobile devices intuitively. It also supports multi-content display functions – Picture-in-Picture mode can display two different contents on the main screen and in an inset window; Picture-by-Picture mode allows up to four different inputs on one screen simultaneously. These modes bring flexible display applications during demonstrations in exhibitions, video conferences, or online collaborations.

  • Netflix Ups the Ante With Exciting Creature Thriller Series Gyeongseong Creature, Featuring Top-Notch Cast and Creators

    Netflix Ups the Ante With Exciting Creature Thriller Series Gyeongseong Creature, Featuring Top-Notch Cast and Creators

    Netflix is set to bring Gyeongseong Creature to viewers around the globe. The thriller series follows individuals going up against monstrous creatures that were born out of human greed. Set in the spring of 1945 in the city of Gyeongseong, the series is highly anticipated due to the sheer amount of talent tied to it.

    International heartthrob Park Seo-jun, who received acclaim for his roles in the dramas Itaewon Class and What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, plays Jang Tae-sang – the head of merchant marketplace Golden Jade House who is the wealthiest, most well-connected person in Gyeongseong. Tae-sang is someone who puts money before justice, but all that changes when he crosses paths with Yun Chae-ok while investigating a series of missing person cases. 

    Han So-hee who rose to stardom from the Netflix Series My NameThe World of the Married and Nevertheless, plays Yun Chae-ok – a famous bounty hunter who can track down missing people, even ones who are dead. Chae-ok possesses a sharp eye and agile survival skills learned from her rough childhood roaming across Manchuria and Shanghai with her father. 

    The solid cast also includes Claudia Kim and Wi Ha-jun who have both received international spotlight for their roles. Claudia Kim plays Maeda who is the wife of a powerful official in Gyeongseong during the colonial period. The actress has been active on the global stage through the films Avengers: Age of Ultron and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, and the Netflix Series Marco Polo.

    Wi Ha-jun, who made a lasting impression on worldwide audiences with his role in Squid Game and is currently winning over viewers in Little Women, plays Gwon Jun-taek, Tae-sang’s best friend. He joins Tae-sang’s dangerous plan in rescuing the people who have gone missing.

    Behind the scenes of this stellar cast lineup is a talented production team consisting of heavyweight hitmakers. The team is led by screenwriter Kang Eun K, who penned dramas across various genres such as Dr. Romantic and Kang Chi, the Beginning, and director Chung Dong-yoon, who flexed his powerful muscle as a creator in Hot Stove League

    Gyeongseong Creature, a compelling story about wretched creatures and those who go up against them, will be released globally only on Netflix.

    More About Gyeongseong Period

    Gyeongseong is the former name of Korea’s capital city Seoul, and the name used during Japanese colonial rule.The upcoming series invites audiences to 1945 Gyeongseong, the hotbed of turmoil caused by creatures that suddenly appear and wreak havoc on an already troubled world.

  • Hugh Jackman Returning as Wolverine in Deadpool 3 with Ryan Reynolds

    Hugh Jackman Returning as Wolverine in Deadpool 3 with Ryan Reynolds

    Deadpool will become a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on September 6 2024, and actor Ryan Reynolds is teasing a long-awaited reunion with his old pal Wolverine.

    Reynolds appeared in a surprise teaser video on his Twitter account, where he said he was “very sad” to have missed D23, where there had been no news regarding Deadpool 3.

    Shortly after, Hugh Jackman appears in the background and Reynolds asks him, “Hey, Hugh. You wanna play Wolverine one more time?” to which he replied, “Yeah. Sure, Ryan,”.

    Jackman last played Wolverine in James Mangold’s R-rated Logan in 2016. Since Wolverine famously died at the end of the movie, Jackman has frequently said that it was his final performance as the clawed mutant. Jackman played Wolverine in nine different movies, and Logan served as the most ideal possible send-off. But for fans, finally seeing Jackman and Reynolds together in their superhero roles will provide a sense of closure.

    Deadpool 3 will be directed by Shawn Levy, who is known for films such as Free Guy, The Adam Project, and Night at the Museum.

    “I’ve had to really search my soul on this one,” Reynolds says sarcastically in the announcement video for Deadpool 3. “His first appearance in the MCU obviously needs to feel special. We need to stay true to the character, find new depth, new motivation, new meaning. Every Deadpool needs to stand out and stand apart. It’s been an incredible challenge that has forced me to reach down deep inside and I… have nothing. Yeah… Just completely empty up here and terrifying. But we did have one idea.”

    Now that Disney has acquired the assets of 21st Century Fox and the rights to the X-Men, Deadpool 3 will be Wolverine’s MCU debut. Fans have been wondering how the present Earth-616 will introduce mutants, and Deadpool 3 will undoubtedly take a significant step in that direction.

  • GIGABYTE Launches Z790 Series Motherboards

    GIGABYTE Launches Z790 Series Motherboards

    The world’s leading computer brand, GIGABYTE, announces Intel ®  Z790 series gaming motherboards, which support the latest 13th and 12th generation Intel ®  Core™ processors. GIGABYTE features the gaming-focused AORUS flagship and high-end models, including Z790 AORUS XTREME, Z790 AORUS MASTER, Z790 AORUS ELITE, and Z790 AORUS TACHYON. The Z790 AORUS lineup reign supreme with the most robust digital power and dominant metallic thermal designs to unleash the performance of the K-SKUs within the next-gen Intel ®  Core™ processor series as well as the bandwidth of PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 memory.

    For enthusiasts and creators seeking nothing but top-tier performance, the Z790 AORUS XTREME is equipped with the maximum 20-phase digital power design, direct touch 8mm Mega-Heatpipes, and the full-covered VRM heatsinks to enhance heat dissipation and the system stability. Also, the Z790 AORUS gaming motherboards support PCIe 5.0 M.2 SSD with up to 10GB/s bandwidth and access speed 40% faster compared to the last generation. Thanks to the full-covered VRM heatsinks and the M.2 Thermal Guard III heatsinks on the storage devices, data transfer is lightning fast without throttling even under heavy workloads. Moreover, GIGABYTE introduces several exclusive overclocking functions to the BIOS. Regardless of the memory profile, the DDR5 memory modules can be automatically boosted with one click through GIGABYTE’s advanced overclocking techniques. With the friendly design of PCIe and M.2 EZ-Latch features on the AORUS Z790 gaming motherboards, GIGABYTE makes components swapping a whole lot easier.

    With the support of dual-generation Intel ®  processors, and the latest power and thermal designs, the AORUS Z790 series gaming motherboards deliver excellent performance, compatibility, stability, and durability for enthusiasts and power users. The full range of products will go on sale on October 20th . 

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