Your Coffee Savior on the Go: Meet Ella, Your Time-Efficient Barista Buddy!

Picture this: you’re rushing through Changi Airport, eager to catch your flight, but you’re desperately craving a steaming cup of expertly crafted coffee to kickstart your day. Well, now you don’t have to compromise on either time or taste, thanks to Ella by Crown Digital, Singapore’s first fully autonomous AI-powered barista.

Ella is making waves in the coffee scene, and this July, it’s unveiling not one, but three new locations at Changi Airport’s Departure Transit Halls in Terminals 2 and 3. These unmanned robot baristas are on a mission to redefine the way we experience our daily caffeine fix, offering 24/7 access to artisanal, high-quality coffee for passengers and airport staff alike.

With Ella’s expansion, coffee enthusiasts will now find seven Ella machines spread across the island. Each location promises a plethora of choices from its premium Buscaglione bean coffee menu, paired with fresh, barista-quality milk and dairy alternatives like oat milk. What’s more, the exclusive Pandan Tea Latte is a warm and comforting welcome for Singaporeans, while international visitors get to savor a Truly Singapore twist to their usual coffee.

And that’s not even the best part! Elle is very big on sustainability and is committed to reducing its environmental impact while offering top-notch coffee. In contrast to traditional coffee shops, where a considerable amount of food waste, including coffee grounds, unused beans, and excess milk, is often generated, Ella sets a new standard with its eco-conscious approach. Thanks to its advanced features, Ella ensures precise measurements of coffee beans and milk, leaving no room for waste. This thoughtful design not only optimizes resource utilization but also minimizes discarded coffee-related materials, making every cup a sustainable and guilt-free indulgence.

Keith Tan, CEO, and Founder of Crown Digital, shares his vision for Ella: “The convergence of cutting-edge technology and exceptional coffee experiences is what Ella represents. By deploying Ella at Changi Airport, we aim to cater to the needs of time-conscious passengers, providing them with a convenient and quick way to enjoy their favorite coffee.”

Ella X V5 brings a host of new features to the table, enhancing convenience, efficiency, and customer experience. The upgraded fulfillment function allows seamless refilling of coffee beans and grounds during operating hours, minimizing disruptions and ensuring Ella can stay up and running without the need for maintenance mode.

Thanks to significant enhancements in Ella’s sensors, operational efficiency has reached new heights. Whether it’s anticipating and proactively handling pigeonhole spillage, cup holder capacity, or coffee ground levels, Ella’s improvements ensure a smooth coffee-brewing process, reducing operational turnover time and maximizing efficiency.

With increased coffee grounds capacity, Ella can now serve an even greater pool of customers in a day, making sure no coffee lover is left without their perfect cup. The upgraded user interface also enhances the overall experience at Changi Airport, with Ella now able to communicate in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, with more languages planned for implementation in the future.

Placing an order with Ella is a breeze, offering users two convenient options. You can either use the user-friendly touch-screen menu directly on Ella or skip the queues altogether by ordering through the Ella app, ensuring instant pick-ups upon your arrival.

Ella’s success story began with its presence at Raffles Place MRT XChange (Bytes Station), Changi Business Park, and Mount Elizabeth Orchard Hospital. Capable of brewing up to 200 cups per hour and offering more than 300 coffee combinations, Ella’s secret lies in rigorous research and data collection. This allows Ella to consistently deliver a quick, fuss-free, barista-grade coffee experience with every single order.

The future of coffee is here, and Ella is at the forefront of this revolution. So the next time you’re passing through Changi Airport, don’t forget to treat yourself to a delightful cup of coffee crafted with precision, care, and the power of AI. Ella by Crown Digital is setting new standards for coffee aficionados and busy travelers alike, making every coffee break an extraordinary experience.

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