Champion Motors Unveils the All-New Suzuki S-Cross – the Ultimate Blend of Style, Performance, and Practicality for Car Enthusiasts

Champion Motors, in collaboration with Inchcape Singapore and Greater China, has introduced the highly anticipated Suzuki S-Cross to the automotive market. This cutting-edge vehicle embraces three core principles – Bold, Sophisticated, and Versatile – to deliver an exceptional driving experience for car enthusiasts. With its striking design, advanced control technology, and comfortable interior, the Suzuki S-Cross perfectly combines the allure of a bold SUV with unmatched comfort.

Jasmmine Wong, the esteemed CEO of Inchcape Singapore and Greater China, expressed her excitement during the grand unveiling event: “We are thrilled to introduce the new Suzuki S-Cross, aimed at providing our customers with a powerful, comfortable, and reliable driving experience. With its innovative features, the new model caters to diverse lifestyle needs and preferences while offering an unparalleled ride quality for both drivers and passengers. This has always been the driving force behind the Suzuki brand – to make driving enjoyable and captivating for all. I firmly believe that the S-Cross embodies this ethos, and we eagerly anticipate what Suzuki has in store for us.”

As Singapore evolves, so do the needs and lifestyle preferences of its discerning customers. Suzuki, known for its fun, comfortable, and unconventional vehicles, has unveiled the S-Cross in line with its vision to meet the ever-changing demands of Singaporeans while prioritizing driver comfort.

Key Features of the Suzuki S-Cross

Powerful Styling with Intuitive Interior

The front fascia boasts a prominent Piano Black Grille and FILL LED Headlamps, each equipped with three LED position lamps. These features, combined with the elevated height of the lamps and bonnet, create an aggressive and bold SUV appearance. Complementing the exterior design, the S-Cross is fitted with rugged and eye-catching rims adorned with bold silver garnishes on the front face and rear bumper. This ensures the vehicle exudes character on any road it traverses.

The interior boasts a central console housing a multifunctional 9-inch HD display audio system, compatible with Apple CarPlay® and other essential driving assistance features. This system provides crucial vehicle information and image displays, enhancing the driver’s intuitive and responsive experience on the road. With its strong, bold exterior and user-friendly interior, the S-Cross instills drivers with a sense of confidence and comfort.

Enhanced Security and Safety Features with Sophisticated Technologies

Integrating the 48-volt Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki (SHVS), a lightweight and compact hybrid system comprising an Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) and a 12V lithium-ion battery, the S-Cross delivers improved fuel efficiency and acceleration. By supplementing engine torque with motor torque based on accelerator operation, drivers can expect an optimal driving experience.

The Suzuki Safety Support system offers a range of advanced features that significantly enhance driver and passenger safety. Notably, the Blind Spot Monitor alerts drivers to approaching vehicles in the rear blind spots, accompanied by flashing indicators and audio warnings. Lane Departure Warning and Weaving Alert technologies assist drivers in staying within their designated lanes, reducing the risk of accidents. With these sophisticated safety features, the S-Cross prioritizes the well-being of its occupants.

Uncompromising Versatility without Sacrificing Functionality

Leveraging Suzuki’s expertise in maximizing usable space within a compact body, the all-new S-Cross comfortably accommodates five adults while providing a flexible luggage capacity of 440 liters. This family-friendly SUV offers the spaciousness of a larger vehicle while maintaining its compact size for easy handling and functionality.

Moreover, the S-Cross empowers drivers to adjust the rear seats with a convenient 60:40 split ratio, enabling the vehicle to adapt effortlessly to various situations. This outstanding versatility ensures a truly customizable experience for owners.

Champion Motors is confident in the mechanical and functional prowess of the S-Cross, aiming to revolutionize the driving experience for all individuals while prioritizing enjoyment and safety.

To kickstart the launch, the Suzuki S-Cross will be available in an array of seven exciting colors, ranging from the icy deep Blue to the vibrant Red. For more information, enthusiasts can refer to the official brochure of the S-Cross, accessible here.

The arrival of the all-new Suzuki S-Cross marks a significant milestone for the renowned car brand, cementing its position as a leader in the automotive industry. Car enthusiasts and drivers alike can anticipate an extraordinary journey, as the S-Cross promises to redefine the boundaries of style, performance, and practicality.

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