Revitalize Your Lifestyle: Experience the Ultimate Blend of Fitness and Wellness at Virgin Active

We have some exciting news from Virgin Active that you won’t want to miss! They recently conducted a survey called Wellness in the Workplace Survey 2023, which delved into the fitness and wellness habits of corporate employees in Singapore. They gathered insights from 534 respondents of various ages and genders, giving us a valuable glimpse into the preferences and influences of the working population.

Virgin Active, known for their commitment to holistic wellness, believes in helping individuals achieve overall health, happiness, and wellness goals. Julien Bera, the Country Director of Virgin Active Singapore, shared some interesting findings from the survey. One striking result was that 70% of corporate employees consider visiting the gym as a form of stress relief. As many of us are transitioning back to the office at least three days a week, it’s crucial to find ways to cope with stress and prevent burnout and fatigue. Virgin Active recognizes this need and plays a pivotal role in supporting corporate employees on their wellness journey.

Being a leader in promoting a holistic health, wellness, and fitness lifestyle, Virgin Active understands the significance of balancing mental and physical wellness. They know exactly what consumers like us need. That’s why their clubs are equipped with designated recovery and relaxation spaces that offer luxurious facilities and amenities. These spaces are perfect for complementing our workout sessions or simply taking a break in between busy schedules.

Julien further emphasized Virgin Active’s dedication to mental well-being by mentioning their range of wellness programs. These programs, such as Yoga Calm and SkyPark Yoga, are designed to promote mental relaxation and overall well-being. After all, it’s important to remember that our mental health significantly impacts our overall health. In the coming months, Virgin Active plans to launch new initiatives that will provide rejuvenation for their members, ensuring that we can take care of ourselves amidst our busy work schedules.

Now, let’s dive into some of the key findings from the Wellness in the Workplace Survey 2023. An impressive 81.5% of corporate employees prioritize holistic wellness as part of their health journey. This means that more and more people are viewing wellness through a broader and more sophisticated lens. It’s no longer just about fitness and nutrition; it encompasses overall physical and mental health and appearance. And speaking of fitness, a whopping 86.6% of corporate employees go to the gym at least twice a week, spending an average of an hour to an hour and a half there.

The survey also revealed that nearly 50% of respondents regularly participate in wellness classes like mat and reformer pilates. These classes are particularly popular among office workers, followed by BodyPump classes at 39.1% and Cycle classes at 31.4%. It’s fantastic to see people engaging in a variety of activities to keep themselves fit physically.

But fitness is not the only reason corporate employees visit the gym. The survey found that 69.6% of them consider it a form of stress relief, while 64% aim to break free from a sedentary lifestyle. Building self-confidence (38.51%) and experiencing fun classes (35.56%) are also motivations to hit the gym. It’s clear that exercise serves multiple purposes beyond just physical fitness.

Virgin Active’s purposefully-built recovery and relaxation facilities are highly valued by office workers. An astounding 91.7% of them utilize these facilities, with the top three favorites being the Himalayan Salt Inhalation Room (48%), Ice and Steam Rooms (43%), and Experiential Showers (32.6%). It’s no wonder these amenities are so popular, as they provide much-needed relaxation and rejuvenation after a long day at work.

Convenience is key for most corporate employees, with 81.2% of respondents indicating a preference for a gym located near their office. Time efficiency is crucial, and 72.2% strive to maximize their workout time by choosing easily accessible gyms. This aligns perfectly with the survey’s conclusion that 82.7% of respondents go to a gym near their office, whether it’s within walking distance, a quick drive, or a short bus or train ride away.

What sets Virgin Active apart from other gyms in Singapore is their dedication to offering Reformer Pilates at all their locations. They also provide premium relaxation and recovery facilities that are included in the membership rates. These facilities, such as the Himalayan Salt Inhalation Room, Ice and Steam Rooms, Hydrotherapy Spa Pool, Experiential Showers, and Zero-gravity Sleep Pods, contribute to an all-encompassing wellness experience.

Virgin Active’s goal is to help us achieve holistic wellness in the most effective way possible. By understanding our needs and preferences, they continue to innovate and offer programs and amenities that cater to our well-being. So, guys, if you’re looking for a gym that truly cares about your overall health and happiness, look no further than Virgin Active. They’ve got you covered!

Remember, taking care of yourself is crucial for leading a fulfilling and balanced lifestyle. Prioritize your well-being, both physically and mentally, and make time for self-care. With the support of Virgin Active and their fantastic facilities, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your wellness goals.

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