Escape to Alpine Bliss on Your Next Date! 

Coucou Brings the Flavors of Switzerland to Singapore’s Food Scene

Get ready to embark on a culinary journey like no other at Coucou, a charming Swiss restaurant tucked away in the vibrant streets of Duxton, Singapore. Picture this: you step into Coucou, and boom! You’re instantly transported to a cozy alpine cabin. The place oozes with an inviting atmosphere, tempting you to explore the wonders of authentic Swiss cuisine.

At Coucou, they take classic Swiss recipes and give them a modern twist, resulting in a warm and unpretentious gastronomic affair. The cool grey stone walls are adorned with breathtaking photographs of the Swiss mountains, accompanied by quirky handmade cuckoo clocks. And let me tell you, those clocks chime softly, adding an extra touch of authenticity to this already unique dining experience.

Prepare your taste buds for a delightful adventure as you savor the essence of Swiss cuisine with Coucou’s meticulously crafted dishes. They serve up a trout tartare, Tartare de Filet de Truite, that’s perfectly seasoned and complemented by light sour cream with a hint of heat from vibrant green chili. The pan-seared sea bass, Filet de Bar, Sauce Vierge, is crispy, juicy, and topped with sweet tomatoes and briny capers. Trust me, it’s a flavor explosion! And don’t miss out on the Salade Coucou, a curly chopped salad dressed with homemade ‘Grand Père’ dressing, handed down from the owner’s grandfather. It’s a zesty accompaniment that perfectly complements the rest of the menu.

Now, for the pièce de résistance, you must try Coucou’s signature delicacy: the Malakoff. Picture a golden, crunchy, deep-fried sphere of gruyère that just melts in your mouth. It’s an absolute game-changer, and it’s only available in three Swiss villages. But that’s not all! You can’t pass up the classic Emincé de Veau à la Zurichoise, a crispy potato Rösti topped with a hearty, saucy veal ragout that warms the soul. And for all you cheese lovers out there, dip some crusty bread or boiled baby potatoes into the bubbling pot of Fondue Moitié-Moitié, a tantalizing mix of melted Swiss cheese. You can even customize it with various toppings, from truffles to spicy chili padi. Talk about a cheesy delight!

To accompany your dining journey, Coucou offers a tempting selection of Swiss wines and cocktails. Start with the smooth and slightly acidic Chasselas Wine, a popular aperitif that pairs perfectly with the rich flavors of Swiss cheese. If you’re enjoying fish or cheese dishes, indulge in the fruity and floral Petite Arvine, a delightful aperitif wine. And for heartier dishes like the premium aged, grass-fed beef steak or juicy pork tenderloin with morel mushroom sauce, go for the medium-bodied, peppery Merlot with tannins. Oh, and you can’t miss out on Coucou’s specialty cocktails! Give the Williamine Mojito a try, a Swiss twist on a classic Mojito made with Morand Williamine, a pear brandy. And coffee enthusiasts, don’t worry, they’ve got you covered with the Espresso Martigny, a frothy cold brew twist featuring Morand Pear gin.

Now, let’s talk about desserts, shall we? Coucou keeps the Swiss theme going strong with their sweet treats. Dive into the snowy white Swiss meringues of Meringues à la Double Créme, served with plump red berries, a creamy Gruyère cream, and a tangy berry sauce. It’s like heaven in every bite! And if you’re hanging out with a group, go for the Fondue au Chocolat. It’s perfect for sharing and comes with an assortment of fruits, marshmallows, and assorted toppings. Sweet indulgence at its finest!

According to Yves, the co-founder of Coucou, the restaurant aims to bring the Swiss experience to Singapore because not everyone has had the chance to visit Switzerland or taste Swiss cuisine before. The food at Coucou is deeply rooted in their culture and heritage. For example, the Grand Père dressing in Salade Coucou is actually Yves’ grandfather’s recipe, which he used to watch him make in the kitchen. It’s all about family and tradition!

So, guys, get ready for an unforgettable dining experience at Coucou. The warm and inviting atmosphere, coupled with their expertly crafted menu that pays homage to Swiss culinary traditions, guarantees a memorable time for food enthusiasts, friends, and families alike. It’s time to indulge in some Swiss goodness and create lasting memories. Bon appétit!

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