Get Ready for a Sustainable Summer with UNIQLO and Doraemon!

Are you passionate about sustainability and love the adorable Doraemon? Well, get ready because on Monday, June 5, UNIQLO is launching a fantastic range of newly designed, 100% recycled polyester products. This exciting collection includes T-shirts and a pocketable bag featuring none other than UNIQLO’s Global Sustainability Ambassador, Doraemon, in his green ‘Sustainability Mode’ appearance.

To make this launch even more special, these products will be released to coincide with World Environment Day and the start of the summer 2023 round of JOIN: THE POWER OF CLOTHING. This global UNIQLO campaign aims to encourage customers like you to participate in sustainability activities and make a positive impact on our planet.

But that’s not all! As part of the JOIN campaign, UNIQLO is implementing a donation element in 23 countries, including Japan and a number of other nations. From June 5 (Monday) to July 4 (Tuesday), a selected range of new Doraemon Sustainability Mode products, such as the MENS and KIDS DRY-EX T-shirts partially made from recycled polyester, will be pegged to donations.

In Japan and several other countries, UNIQLO will donate up to US$1 million to the Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU). This generous contribution will be used for educational programs aimed at teaching children about the problem of ocean pollution. It’s an incredible initiative that will help raise awareness and foster a sense of responsibility among the younger generation.

In Singapore, UNIQLO is partnering with the Garden City Fund, a registered charity and IPC established by the National Parks Board. UNIQLO will donate S$50,000 to support the Plant-A-Coral, Seed-A-Reef program. Last year, the S$20,000 donation enabled the conservation of coral nubbins, small coral fragments grown in a nursery on St John’s Island. These nubbins were then transplanted onto Reef Enhancement Units (REUs) placed in suitable reef zones. The REUs provide a safe haven for marine biodiversity, including nudibranchs, crabs, shrimps, and fishes, thereby improving the biodiversity of Sisters’ Islands Marine Park’s reefs.

Hwee Lee, Senior Director of Sustainability at UNIQLO Singapore, expressed their commitment to addressing plastic waste issues in our waters and ecosystems. The JOIN campaign has already organized eight Kayak Clean-up sessions with customers in Kallang River, starting from Earth Day in April. These sessions aimed to raise awareness about plastic waste finding its way into our waterways. Now, UNIQLO is taking their action a step further by donating to valuable efforts that support Singapore’s marine biodiversity, particularly the protection of coral reefs, which are known as the rainforests of the sea and our natural heritage.

To engage customers like you in environmental contribution and create a better world, UNIQLO Singapore, in partnership with the Garden City Fund, is organizing an exclusive guided tour on St John’s Island. Customers will have the opportunity to explore the island’s beauty and learn about its coral reefs. Additionally, there will be a Coral Lab workshop for UNIQLO employees, enabling them to gain a deeper understanding of how Singapore nurtures its coral reefs in the Southern islands.

But the JOIN campaign isn’t limited to Singapore alone. UNIQLO Malaysia and UNIQLO Indonesia are also actively raising awareness about plastic litter in the water. They are organizing inclusive activities for customers, such as cleaning the historic Melaka River, a vital trade route during the heyday of the Melakan sultanate in the 15th century. Furthermore, there will be a beach clean-up and coral transplantation at Bali’s Tulamben beach on the northeastern side of the island. These activities aim to highlight the importance of protecting our natural treasures and preserving the beauty of our oceans.

Exciting, isn’t it? You can find the incredible Doraemon Sustainability Mode, MENS, and KID DRY-EX products at UNIQLO stores throughout Singapore and online. So, get ready to embrace a sustainable summer with UNIQLO and Doraemon. Join the movement, make a difference, and look fabulous while doing it!

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