Former Police Detective Finds True Passion in Design & Lands Fulfilling Role

In an inspiring career shift, Azri Masran, previously a dedicated police detective in Singapore, has successfully transitioned to become an Interaction Designer with Accenture. Breaking away from his stable job that provided a sense of purpose, Azri finally embraced his true passion.

While Azri’s unwavering defense of the law was commendable, he had always secretly nurtured a love for the world of design. This passion was ignited during his secondary school years when a charismatic teacher in a Design & Technology class showed him the joy of shaping ideas into tangible creations.

However, limited opportunities in Singapore dampened Azri’s aspirations, despite his talent and a hard-earned diploma in Product and Industrial Design. Financial constraints and his strong bond with family left him with no viable path, except to pursue a career within the Singapore Police Force.

Immersing himself in the role of a diligent detective, Azri tackled crimes ranging from snatch theft to domestic disputes that often escalated into more sinister situations. Additionally, he took on the role of a “Media Specialist,” utilizing his design skills to educate the public on important topics like scams and safety measures through impactful marketing collaterals and eye-catching website elements.

Unbeknownst to Azri, his work in media was fueling the flickering embers of his true passion for design. In 2018, feeling the need for a change and longing for more time with his loved ones, Azri resigned from the police force to reignite his creative calling.

Initially, he ventured into freelance work for media and corporate clients, but the arrival of COVID-19 disrupted his path. However, everything changed when he stumbled upon CuriousCore and their UX Career Accelerator Course, which offered active career support and personalized guidance. Through this program, Azri gained hands-on experience, constructed an impressive portfolio, and worked with clients from Germany and Australia.

Despite facing setbacks during his job search, Azri persisted with the help of CuriousCore mentors who guided him in crafting a focused strategy. His perseverance paid off when he secured a fulfilling position as a UX Designer, overcoming the challenge of limited experience overshadowing his newfound skills.

Reflecting on his journey, Azri acknowledges the pivotal role of CuriousCore and their mission to assist professionals in exploring alternative career paths through personalized experiences. He is among the 137 graduates from the flagship UX Career Accelerator course (Part-time), which boasts an impressive 79 percent placement rate for UX-related roles in renowned companies such as DBS, Accenture, Singapore Airlines, and Bytedance.

Azri’s story serves as a powerful reminder that with determination, support, and the right opportunities, anyone can pursue their true passion and find fulfillment in their careers.

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