Evil Dead Rise: Movie Review

“Evil Dead Rise” delivers a thrilling and horrifying experience that will leave audiences on the edge of their seats. This highly anticipated addition to the Evil Dead franchise takes a fresh approach, showcasing exceptional cinematography, intense gore, and masterful horror elements. Directed by Lee Cronin,  the film successfully captures the essence of its predecessors while introducing innovative twists to keep viewers captivated throughout.

The effectiveness of the movie’s more direct horror approach can be attributed to a significant change in its formula. Instead of focusing on victims isolated in a woodland cabin, the story shifts to the bustling city, where a family becomes the target of torment by the Deadites, the iconic antagonists from the Evil Dead movies. Unlike an army of the undead, this film follows the template of 1981 original and operates on a smaller scale, with just one Deadite involved. It presents itself more as a possession narrative rather than a typical “zombie movie,” defying the expectations of modern audiences.

Alyssa Sutherland takes on the role of Ellie, the main villain, who is a mother of three. After one of her children discovers the Book of the Dead, she becomes subject to demonic possession. Subsequently, she turns on her children, relentlessly attempting to gruesomely murder them using any available household tool, showcasing the extreme depths of her depravity.

Cinematography: A Visual Feast

The film’s cinematography is a standout feature, skilfully capturing the terrifying atmosphere and enhancing the overall experience. The director’s meticulous attention to detail is evident, as each shot is carefully crafted to evoke a sense of unease and tension. From sweeping, atmospheric wide shots to intense, close-up sequences, the cinematography elevates the film’s suspense and immerses the audience in its terrifying world. The use of lighting and shadow further amplifies the horror, creating a visually stunning and immersive experience.

Gore: Unrelenting and Gruesome

For fans of the Evil Dead franchise, the level of gore in “Evil Dead Rise” will not disappoint. The film does not shy away from showcasing gruesome and visceral scenes, offering a blood-soaked spectacle that will satisfy even the most avid horror enthusiasts. The practical effects work seamlessly with the cinematography to bring the horror to life, creating moments that are both shocking and awe-inspiring. From gory dismemberments to bone-chilling transformations, the film’s commitment to its macabre elements is commendable.

Horror Elements: Terrifying and Inventive

“Evil Dead Rise” successfully captures the essence of the Evil Dead franchise while injecting fresh ideas into the narrative. The film introduces a new setting and a new cast of characters, allowing for a unique exploration of the horrors unleashed by the Book of the Dead. The tension steadily builds throughout the story, with well-executed jump scares and a constant sense of impending doom. The script incorporates clever twists and turns that keep viewers guessing, maintaining a palpable sense of dread from start to finish. Additionally, the sound design and score contribute to the film’s terror, further immersing the audience in the nightmarish world of “Evil Dead Rise.”


Rise strikes a comfortable balance between the gut-wrenching brutality of 2013’s Evil Dead and the humor-infused trilogy of sequels by Sam Raimi. Cronin’s team of special effects artists daringly presents practical effects that rival the most gruesome mutilation scenes in the entire series. From bodies with shards of swallowed glass protruding to elevators spewing waves of blood, the film’s visual effects hold their ground against the reported 70,000 gallons of blood used in Fede Alvarez’s 2013 rendition of Evil Dead. However, Rise goes beyond mere shock value, delving into a more heartfelt yet still harrowing confrontation with Deadites. In doing so, it rekindles some of Raimi’s comedic finesse and utilizes dark humor to accentuate the bleakest descents.

My Thoughts

As someone who doesn’t consider themselves a horror enthusiast, I must admit that the horror aspects of this film were truly remarkable. They captivated me to the point where I found myself on the edge of my seat. While there were instances of gore, they remained within a tolerable range. In fact, there was a particular scene that caused the entire cinema, including myself, to gasp and instinctively shield our eyes (I’ll leave it for you to discover on your own). Overall, this movie proved to be an excellent watch and a worthy sequel to an outstanding franchise. I eagerly anticipate what the future holds for this series, as I believe other upcoming horror films can benefit from studying and drawing inspiration from its effective use of horror elements.

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