Under Armour Calls On A New Generation To Protect This House

The movement that has rallied athletes for two decades to defend their turf returns in new form, shifting focus to going all-out for something bigger than themselves: their team.

When today’s athletes hit their breaking point, it’s their team  that pushes them to keep going. That’s what PROTECT THIS HOUSE is all about. With the  help of current and future basketball legends Stephen Curry, Kelsey Plum, Aliyah Boston, and  Bryson Tucker, UNDER ARMOUR is bringing back PROTECT THIS HOUSE, a collective  representing a bold team mentality to show the world what it means to fight for your team. 

“It was never a matter of if we would bring back protect this house, it was when and how. Its significance to under armour’s heritage and brand legacy, and sports in general, makes it the  perfect brand platform to take UNDER ARMOUR into this next chapter. But its revival isn’t  about repeating the past. Today’s athletes and their motivations differ greatly from those who  occupied locker rooms 20 years ago and we want to celebrate that,” said Kevin Plank, UNDER ARMOUR Founder, Executive Chairman & Brand Chief.

Many basketball legends today grew up chanting PROTECT THIS HOUSE in their own locker  rooms, practice facilities and homes. UNDER ARMOUR is partnering with athletes who  embody what it means to PROTECT THIS HOUSE to reignite the battle cry for today’s athlete,  bringing them into the DNA, the heritage, and future of the brand. 

Stephen Curry, 4-times NBA Champion, said, “Back in the early 2000s when the anthem first  launched, i wasn’t an UNDER ARMOUR athlete, but i was a huge fan of the chant. So now, 20  years later and after 10 years with under armour, it’s really humbling to be part of this new  generation of protect this house.” 

The training, sweat, and camaraderie that enables athletes to PROTECT THIS HOUSE is even  more crucial today than it was in the early 2000s because athletes, as a collective, have  shifted their mindset from “me” to “we.” 

UNDER ARMOUR has always understood not only what athletes endure during the game, but  how competitors are born and bred behind the scenes, and away from the cameras and  crowds. Each of the star athletes representing this campaign relates to this battle cry in a  different way.  

Kelsey Plum uses resiliency as her armour, saying that “To young athletes with big dreams:  anyone can become a dawg. You just have to be consistent with how you show up. No one  will hand anything to you, and you’re not entitled to anything in this life. If you want something,  you’ve got to go get it–for yourself and for your team. That’s what it means to Protect This  House.”  

Aliyah’s armour has helped her achieve incredible feats on the court, but she’s even prouder  of what it’s allowed her to do off the court. The college champion mentions, “It’s an absolute  honor to be working with Under Armour on the revival of Protect This House. When I hear  those three simple words, I feel motivated to just keep pushing–for my family, my teammates  on the court, and the women’s basketball community all over the world.”

When Stephen Curry hears Protect This House, a fire and purpose is ignited within, pushing  him to stop at nothing to achieve his team’s goals.  

“Everyone has to come back to their roots at some point. And UNDER ARMOUR is going back  to its roots with the revival of PROTECT THIS HOUSE, but evolving it to apply to today. Twenty  years later, PROTECT THIS HOUSE is still a rallying cry that ignites a fire within athletes–it’s  about believing in yourself, having a sense of pride, and pushing yourself to your limit to  accomplish greatness for yourself and your team, both on and off the court,” 

Directed by Wes Walker, UNDER ARMOUR’s anthemic PROTECT THIS HOUSE film will detail  the true grit it takes to fight for your team and breathe new life into what it means to be part  of one, hoping to reshape the sports landscape by helping today’s young athletes protect  everything they are and everything they’re working to become.  

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