Casa Vostra: Pizza Perfection — From Our House To Yours

Antonio Miscellaneo, chef-owner of La Bottega Enoteca and former private kitchen Casa Nostra, joins hands with Ebb & Flow Group to create new ready-to-heat gourmet pizza brand, Casa Vostra

His former private diner Casa Nostra (meaning “our house”) was a favourite among food industry insiders. Getting a taste of Antonio Miscellaneo’s much lauded pizzas at his F&B joint might be a tall order still, but now, the former IT architect for Credit Suisse and video game programmer at Sony Psygnosis turned chef wants you to recreate a slice of his pizza magic — in your own home.

Translating to mean “your home”, Casa Vostra is a collaboration between Miscellaneo and the Ebb & Flow Group. The concept: to deliver freshly baked pizza bases to homes for customers to reheat for just 5 minutes in the oven to crisp yet airy perfection. This is one for the true pizza aficionados. Those who want convenience but won’t compromise on quality; those who will not stand for pizzas that are cold and limp from too-long delivery times; those who want true restaurant-standard pizzas enjoyed in the comfort of their own homes.

Newpolitan® Pizza: A New Way of Enjoyment

A highly technical chef who has been obsessed with the living art of bread-making, a cornerstone in traditional Italian cooking, Miscellaneo has been drawn to pizza making for years. The wood-fired oven sitting on his Joo Chiat apartment’s balcony, purchased way before the idea for a private diner was hatched, is testament to his passion. The calibre of his fans — from the island’s most revered connoisseurs to those hailed as the region’s best chefs — further stand testament to his talent. His crowning glory: the Newpolitan® pizza.

“Traditionally, the dough for a classic Neapolitan pizza would be made in the morning for baking at dinner time. But that was also because there was no refrigeration in the old days. You could not do slow-fermentation or anything like that,” shares Miscellaneo. “Now, we have a deeper understanding of the chemical processes that take place when you mix flour and water and yeast and salt and so on. It allows us to be more technical and precise. Technology advancements, be it in temperature control or flour milling, have also allowed for greater consistency. This means a better product than what could be done 100 years ago — that is the idea behind the ‘Newpolitan®’.”

Rooted in tradition yet improved through technique, technology and culinary inventiveness, the twelve-inch pizzas from Casa Vostra are made fresh daily using select Italian white and brown flours. The dough is fermented over 48 hours, shaped by our Master Pizzaiolos at our own central kitchen, and baked in a wood-fired oven at 500℃ for a base that’s crispy, airy and melt-in-the-mouth all at once. Delivered to your doorstep and finished in your own oven within just 5 minutes, Casa Vostra transports restaurant-standard, fresh-out-of-the-oven pizzas to your home.

Choose from a range of thoughtfully curated toppings, spanning a Prosciutto E Rucola ($42) with a San Marzano DOP and Italian Fiordilatte base, topped by fresh Rocket, velvety San Daniele Ham, and savoury shavings of Parmigiano Reggiano DOP; or a Mortadella ($34), showcasing Emilia Romagna’s best — a generous spread of Parmigiano Reggiano DOP, topped with silky Italian Mortadella, crunchy Pistachios, and a touch of freshness from Lemon zest and fresh Basil. A Fisherman’s take on the classic Marinara comes in the form of Acciughe ($30): where top quality Anchovies and Olives take centre stage on a base slathered with San Marzano DOP, Garlic and Oregano, all which complement the rich and salty flavours of the toppings.

The full range of Casa Vostra pizzas will be available from 1 April 2023, and orders can be placed at Keep your eyes peeled; and your appetite ready!

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