Limited BASTUA Collection Designed in Collaboration With Marimekko

  • Inspired by nature and the self-care rituals of the Nordic sauna, the new BASTUA collection  features a range of furniture, glassware and textiles with vibrant prints iconic to the global  design house  
  • The collection will be available online from 3 March 2023 onwards

In collaboration with Finnish design house Marimekko, the new limited BASTUA collection combines  IKEA home furnishing knowledge with Marimekko’s iconic print design. This is the first time that  Marimekko has designed a set of prints especially for a collaboration. The new collection will be  available from 2 March in all IKEA Singapore stores and will launch online on 3 March.  

Celebrating the pleasure, joy and invigorating sensation of self-care rituals, the collection features four  special prints with different colorways. Designers drew inspiration from the Nordic landscape around  them – from lush green rhubarb leaves; a crystal-clear lake on a Scandinavian summer evening; the  soft, curved cuts of log walls in traditional sauna cabins; to ‘löyly’ the Finnish term for abstract floral 

like shapes created by steam on a hot sauna stove. The range includes furniture, glassware and textiles designed to for living boldly, joyfully and well. 

This eye-catching BASTUA tray ($16.90) adds a tinge of Nordic joy to your living  area. The leaf on this tray creates the  sensation of an endless yet refreshing  summer in a simple form of Nordic nature.  Inspired by large rhubarb leaves that grow  nearsauna buildings in Finland, the BASTUA  tray is definitely a sight to behold. 

Brighten up your daily showers enclosed in  the comfort of rhubarb leaves with the BASTUA shower curtain ($16.90/ea). The  lively patterns will not only put a smile on  your face, but also recreate the calming ambience of Nordic saunas.  

Going for an adventure? Inspired by the slats  on the sauna benches, this striped BASTUA  carrier bag ($1.90) is the perfect size to store your sauna essentials. Zip it up, and you’re  ready to go!  

The jacquard-woven BASTUA bath sheet  ($23.90) will be a delightful companion for  your daily showers and gym sessions. Comfy  and cozy, it creates the spa-like feeling  anytime and anywhere- bringing the Nordic

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