Honeywell’s Iconic Boeing 757 Test Aircraft Showcases

The legendary aircraft is going on a tour through Asia as part of its 40th anniversary

 Honeywell (NASDAQ: HON) will be conducting demonstration flights with its legendary Boeing 757-200 test aircraft in Singapore on 24 February 2023. As part of its world tour, this 40-year-old testbed will land in Singapore for one day to conduct demonstration flights for Honeywell customers and stakeholders.

Over the years, the Honeywell Aerospace flight test department and engineers have utilized the 757 to test many of the technological advancements that the flying public enjoys today. The flight demonstration will allow participants the opportunity to experience the Resilient Beyond Visual Line of Sight Communications (BVLOS) through Honeywell and Inmarsat’s SATCOM systems and software solutions. Honeywell will illustrate the significance of secure connectivity in a seamless, reliable, and secure environment through a simulated real-world mission scenario.

Honeywell’s 757 test aircraft has undergone countless modifications over the years for testing purposes. The aircraft is equipped to test anything from turbine engines and mechanical systems to advanced avionics software and high-speed connectivity equipment. Many of these technological advancements are found onboard commercial aircraft today. This legendary aircraft built in 1982 was the fifth ever 757 to be produced. It entered into service in 1983, and was subsequently acquired by Honeywell in 2005 for research and development purposes. It has been at the forefront of technological advances in the aviation industry, supporting Honeywell’s engineering and test flight departments.

“Our beloved 757 flying testbed has been through a wide array of technological modifications over the past 17 years, that the only thing that turned 40 was likely the fuselage itself,” said Chief Test Pilot Joe Duval, Director, Flight Test Operations, Honeywell Aerospace. “The flight demonstrations in Singapore will provide an exclusive opportunity for participants to understand how seamless connectivity aids in enhancing our customers’ success.”

The international tour will take place between 17 February to 2 March 2023, reaching Asia in South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, and Australia. During the test flight, software and hardware solutions that will be spotlighted include:

  • JetWave MCX – Honeywell’s Ka-Band SATCOM optimized for military missions.
  • HSD 400 – Inmarsat SBB L-Band cockpit and cabin SATCOM (GEO network) with SPSC modem for L-Max capability
  • Aspire 400 – Inmarsat SBB L-Band cockpit and cabin SATCOM (GEO network)
  • Go Direct Router – holds Honeywell’s Enterprise Management & Console Software

Honeywell’s 757 aircraft is well-travelled, having flown to more than 30 countries across five continents. It has conducted more than 800 flight demonstrations and clocked more than 3,000 flight test hours globally. Honeywell has no plans to retire the 757 test aircraft, and will continue to push the technological boundaries in the aviation industry, enabling a safer and more comfortable flight experience for airline passengers around the globe.

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