Celebrating Ramadan with RENDANG POWER!

Break fast this Ramadan and ring in Hari Raya Aidilfitri with Texas Chicken’s Rendang Power set! Fried to perfection using fresh chicken, heavenly coconut milk, herbs, spices, Texas Chicken’s Rendang Chicken, Burger, Tenders and Rice Bowls will taste just like your favourite makcik’s

Furthermore, get in the Hari Raya mood with Texas Chicken’s $58,000 giveaway. Every Combo and Feast set purchased entitles you to a peel-card, revealing some mmmmdap prizes within! 

Texas Chicken’s Rendang Power set is available from 2 March to 26 April 2023 at all Texas Chicken outlets. The full menu is available in Annex A.


The Rendang Chicken ($11.90 for a set) is coated with traditional spices and herbs, and marinated in a thick milky white coconut milk. The chicken is then cooked with an outer Rendang crust, which reveals the savoury tenderness of the chicken on the inside. Sink your teeth in the mouth watering Rendang Chicken filled with juicy goodness! 

Rendang in a burger? Why not?! Texas Chicken’s Rendang Burger ($9.90 for a set) offers the perfect meal to indulge in during this blessed period, with its juicy and tasty chicken patty in between two soft pillowy buns. You will want to savour every part of it! 

And what’s a traditional Malay dish without rice? Satisfy those festive cravings with a new spin on the traditional “Nasi Rendang” with Texas Chicken’s Rendang Rice Bowl ($9.90 for a set). Freshly-cooked soft fragrant rice is the perfect accompaniment to the savoury Rendang Chicken. 

And last but not least, not forgetting Texas Chicken’s Cheese 

Sticks! ($6.50 for a Set). Deep fried to golden perfection, it’ll 

leave you wanting for more with its soft and buttery inner core 

melting away in your mouth. 

Have a generous Ramadan with the whole family with the 

various Texas Chicken meals. Dig into the Rendang Festive 

Feast ($38.90), which is great for two to three people. It features five pieces of Rendang Chicken, three pieces of Rendang Tenders, one Large Mashed Potatoes, two Honey Butter Biscuits and two Regular Coke Zeroes. For those hosting larger groups, enjoy the Rendang Family Feast ($55.90) and the Rendang Shiok Feast ($81.90). With all this deliciousness, you will definitely be able to feed the whole kampung.


Don’t forget about the $58,000 worth of free prizes to be won as well! Every purchase of a Rendang Power meal will entitle you to one sure-win peel-card with prizes such as a free 12 piece Chicken Feast. 

Delivery is available on Foodpanda, GrabFood, Deliveroo and Texas Chicken’s app – Texas Chicken’s Singapore (available on Google Play and the Apple App Store). 

ANNEX A: Texas Chicken Rendang Power Festive Menu 

Prices (from)
12pc Rendang Chicken Combo 
● 2pc Rendang Chicken 
● 1 Small Mashed Potato 
● 1 Honey Butter Biscuit 
● 1 REG Coke Zero
$11.90 (U.P $17.40)
Rendang Burger Combo 
● 1 Rendang Burger 
● 1 Small Mashed Potato 
● 1 Honey Butter Biscuit 
● 1 REG Coke Zero
$9.90 (U.P $13.30)
Rendang Tenders Box 
● 3 Rendang Tenders 
● 1 Small Mashed Potato 
● 1 Honey Butter Biscuit 
● 1 REG Coke Zero
(U.P $16.30) 
4Rendang Rice Bowl Combo 
● Rendang Rice Bowl 
● 1 REG Coke Zero
(U.P $15.90)
Rendang StarBox 
● 1 Rendang Burger 
● 1pc Rendang Chicken 
● 1 Small Mashed Potato 
● 1 Honey Butter Biscuit 
● 1 REG Coke Zero
$13.90 (U.P $18.30)
Rendang Festive Feast (For 2-3 pax) 
● 5pcs Rendang Chicken 
● 3pc Rendang Tenders 
● 1 Large Mashed Potatoes 
● 2 Honey Butter Biscuit 
● 2 REG Coke Zero
$38.90 (U.P $46.70)
Rendang Family Feast (For 3-4pax) 
● 4pcs Rendang Chicken 
● 2 Rendang Burgers 
● 2 Rendang Rice Bowls 
● 2 Large Mashed Potatoes 
● 4 REG Coke Zero
$55.90 (U.P $68.00)
Rendang Shiok Feast (For 5 or more) 
● 5pcs Rendang Chicken 
● 3 Rendang Burgers 
● 2 Rendang Rice Bowls 
● 4pc Rendang Tenders 
● 3 Large Mashed Potatoes 
● 5 Honey Butter Biscuit 
● 5 REG Coke Zero
$81.90 (U.P $105.57)
1pc Rendang Chicken $5.00
10 1 Rendang Burger $5.90
11 3pc Rendang Tenders $8.90
12 1 Rendang Rice Bowl $8.50
13 6pc Cheese Sticks $6.50
14 1pc Rendang Chicken Change $1.00

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