Uncover the Secrets of The Dragon Chamber

Ebb & Flow Group’s conceptual Chinese restaurant The Dragon Chamber celebrates 6 years of delightful dining with a refreshed look and a new menu

Since opening its doors six years ago, The Dragon Chamber has been dedicated to providing guests with a unique speakeasy experience. A secret dining venue hidden in plain sight, it balances a young and irreverent spirit with a deep respect for Chinese roots and traditions, showcased through its decor and edgy zichar fare.  

To celebrate this milestone, The Dragon Chamber launches a new menu, offering a variety of dishes inspired by this year’s Rabbit Zodiac. Several dishes feature the nostalgic and iconic White Rabbit, including the crispy Fried Shrimp with a mildly spicy White Rabbit candy cream sauce and the crispy sweet Red Bean Pancake topped with White Rabbit Ice Cream. The menu has something for everyone, with a combination of new creations and fan-favourite classics like the Wagyu Truffle Beef Hor Fun and the Instagram-worthy Soft Shell Crab with Hokkaido Scallop Crispy Noodles.

The Dragon Chamber has also undergone a complete renovation, including a makeover of the back room, also known as Dai Lo’s Sanctum. This space now has a cozier and more sophisticated look, contrasting the lively atmosphere and open nature of the main hall. The walls are adorned with murals and paintings done by Mister Tucks, the Singapore-based artist and owner of Template of Skate, telling the tale of the Nine Sons of the Dragon. With updated decor, new seating arrangements, and a refreshed bar area, The Dragon Chamber is the perfect destination for a unique dining experience.

Come 1st March 2023, The Dragon Chamber will transform its grounds for a party like no other. Expect to see familiar names in the local food and lifestyle scene, and groove to the sickest beats from 3 guest DJs, headlined by Murphy Kin/DJ Lucy from Taiwan. The menu will feature the exciting new items, including the 8 Treasure Sticky Rice and Roasted “Kou Shui” Egg served canapé-style. To complete the experience, guests will have a spectrum of fun libations to choose from, such as the crisp Dragon’s Eye Mojito to the refreshing Concubine Cooler.

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