Tanglin Announces the Launch of Triple Tangerine Mandarin Orange Liqueur

Tanglin, Singapore’s award winning distillery, has added a new product to its repertoire: the Triple Tangerine Mandarin Orange Liqueur. A first in Singapore, the liqueur is made from the same neutral grain spirit used in Tanglin’s other signature gins and then distilled with mandarin oranges, calamansi, and kaffir lime leaves; this unique blend of botanicals produces a liqueur with distinctly familiar local flavours. 

The Triple Tangerine Mandarin Orange Liqueur is perfect for Singapore’s well-known national cocktail, the Singapore Sling. Already possessing the essential citrus flavour notes of orange and lime, it complements the tartness of the pineapple juice. 

Tanglin strives to create a ‘truly Singaporean’ Singapore sling, by pairing its Triple Tangerine Mandarin Orange Liqueur with their award-winning Tanglin Singapore Gin, which took the title of Country Gold at the World Gin Awards, for an unquestionably Singaporean cocktail. The team is currently in the process of localising all core components of the national cocktail.  

Designed to be used by professional and home bartenders, the Triple Tangerine can be used in a range of cocktails, such as the Margarita or Cosmopolitan. It can also be used to bring a unique twist to the French 75. Combine 10 ml each of Tanglin Singapore Gin, the Triple Tangerine, and lemon juice with 5 ml of sugar syrup and top with champagne (or sparkling wine) for an easy, refreshing cocktail at home.

Alternatively, if you are new to mixing drinks but want to try your hand at it, add 20 ml of the Triple Tangerine to your regular G&T for some local flair.

“In our quest to make the Singapore Sling truly Singaporean, Tanglin Gin embarked on a journey to create an artisanal orange liqueur. Paying homage to Singapore, we distil our Tanglin Triple Tangerine with mandarin orange, calamansi, and kaffir lime leaves. This liqueur, when enjoyed on its own with ice, makes for a sweet, citrus-forward digestif with kaffir lime on the nose and notes of mandarin oranges on the palate,” said Mark Wee from Tanglin Gin.

Retailing at S$80 a bottle, you can get your hands on the Triple Tangerine Mandarin Orange Liqueur at the Tanglin Gin Jungle, located at 26B Dempsey Road. Over the following months, you can also expect to see the liqueur in various bars, hotels, restaurants and retail locations.

Born from the desire to pioneer and experiment, Tanglin Gin created its very first batch of Singapore gins back in 2018. Since then, the brand has gone on to add the award-winning Black Powder Gin to its portfolio, which became Singapore’s very first Double Gold Winner at The San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

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