The Act of Kindness From a Grab Rider

Kirostory shared a really wholesome and heartwarming tiktok video on January 27, 2023.

Kirostory, who is a Grab rider himself, used the app to order food. However, an unfortunate thing occurred. The rider entrusted with delivering Kirostory’s meal had a punctured tire on his bike, rendering him unable to deliver the food to Kirostory.


Collecting food from my GrabRider because he popped his tyres, but guess what? #fypシ #grabfood #r15

♬ Bored – Lukrembo

Rather than criticizing or canceling on the rider. Kirostory’s actions moved many people. Kirostory chose to go out of his way to meet this rider, not only to collect his own food, but also to assist this rider in delivering his next delivery.

“Everyone has it’s day or things happened, right” said Kirostory in his video.

Kirostory met up with the grab rider and asked if he was alright. The grab rider explained his situation, and Kirostory went on to assist him.

“Thanks for showing everyone out there how to be a model citizen and at the same time showing the realities we face as a food delivery partner 🙏🏽” A comment made by Zeus.

However, it is not all rainbows and sunshine. After assisting the grab driver in delivering the meal. The customer who received the meal was dissatisfied. Kirostory explained what happened to the customer, but the customer opted to disregard it and stated that he would submit a complaint to Grab.

” I’m so disappointed with the last part is just some people out there just don’t care” exclaimed Kirostory with disappointment.

Kirostory’s video has taught people the importance of sympathy. Everyone will encounter something in their lives that will act as an obstacle. It is entirely up to you how you respond to it. Either be honest and understanding of the issue, or ignore it entirely. In Kirostory’s case he chose to sympathize and understand.

Link to the TikTok video here.

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