SONY Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2023

The season of love is once again blossoming as we celebrate our sweethearts this Valentine’s Day. As with every big occasion in a relationship, also comes the age-old question – what gift should I get for my partner? 

Forget the cliché predictable gifts of flowers and chocolates, Sony has you covered with their products offering something for everyone, the best way to let your partner know you’ve been thinking of them while you picked out the present. 

The Partner Who Loves to Capture Moments

There’s always someone in the relationship that’s documenting their time together, making all the moments even more swoon worthy when they look back at their growth as a couple. If that’s your significant other, gift them a newer and better way to capture these moments with the ZV-1 camera.

With features like pro-quality bokeh control, Super Slow Motion video and a powerful BIONZ X™ image processor, everything is in place to make capturing great looking videos easy even for an amateur. What’s more, the lightweight and compact ZV-1 also allows for simple transfer, edit and upload of content to social media, making it a portable representation of your love for your partner to carry around. 

The ZV-1 is available on the official Sony Store at a promotional price of S$959 (UP S$1,009).

Free Gift: 

  • 64GB SD Card 
  • Sony Digital Workshop Course

The Partner Who Loves an Escape From the Bustle

We all know how crowds can prevent us from fully enjoying an experience especially if it’s a date with your partner. Gift your lover an escape into their own world with the WH-1000XM5 headphones which boasts an immersive, distraction-free sound experience. Sony’s industry-leading noise cancellation keeps out more mid and high frequency sounds than ever before and thanks to the Auto NC Optimiser, noise cancelling is automatically based on your wearing conditions and environment. 

Looking for something smaller? The ultra small and light LinkBuds S comes into play with ambient sound automatically optimised and high quality noise cancelling to achieve an listening experience with no distractions. 

With the WH-1000XM5 and LinkBuds S, give your partner the freedom to navigate their world by cutting out the noise for them. The WH-1000XM5 is available on the official Sony Store at a promotional price of S$499 (UP S$575) while the LinkBuds S is available on the official Sony Store at a promotional price of S$242 (UP S$302).

The Partner Who’s The Life of The Party

Fell in love with your partner due to their lively and fun-loving charms? Amplify that with the SRS-XB33 portable speakers so that they can bring the party with them. Equipped with EXTRA BASS™, enjoy deep, punchy sounds that’s sure to liven up any setting.

Be it a games night in or a day long beach outing, the washable and waterproof SRS-XB33 is there to enhance the fun. What better way to let your partner know you give them all around enjoyment than with the SRS-XB33 that embodies them perfectly. The SRS-XB33 is available on the official Sony Store at a promotional price of S$199 (UP S$279).

The Partner Who Loves Staying In 

If staying in and snuggling is your favourite hangout activity, elevate that whole experience with a home cinema set up to enjoy all your favourite shows next to your favourite person. Achieve that with the BRAVIA XR A90K OLED television, where pictures are enhanced and reproduced to an incredibly lifelike experience thanks to the Cognitive Processor XR™.

Level this up with the HT-A3000 sound bar to enable the Acoustic Center sync where the HT-A3000 reinforces the center speaker channel for clearer and fuller vocals. Aside from that, expect an authentic surround sound with its center speakers and built-in dual subwoofer for immersive sounds for shows, movies and music. Never worry about how you reposition yourselves on the couch as the sound bar also intelligently measures the position of each speaker to optimise sound to your room. Treat your partner to more perfect date nights in with the A90K and HT-A3000.

The BRAVIA XR A90K is available on the official Sony Store at a promotional price of S$3,337 (UP S$4,037), while the HT-A3000 is available on the official Sony Store at a promotional price of S$1,112* (UP S$1,312). 

Free Gift (A90K): 

  • Wall-Bracket and Installation

*Additional $100 off when purchased with any 55”and above BRAVIA TVs

The Partner Who’s a Professional at Their Craft 

Admire your partner’s craft in videography and photography? Show your support for their passion by giving them a boost to their equipment! 

If your partner is always on the lookout for details in their photographs, surprise them with the A7R V which delivers sharp, refined details thanks to the latest BIONZ XR™ processing engine. It also boasts an AI processing unit dedicated to processing significant amounts of data, recognising and tracking subjects flawlessly. They can also expect greater flexibility in shooting with the new 4-axis multi-angle monitor. 

Not to fret if videography is more of your partner’s thing, this is where the FX3 comes in. Designed for comfortable solo shooting, the FX3 is compact and lightweight making it easy to bring around and handle even with a one-man crew. Expect a fast readout speed with the full-frame Exmor R™ CMOS sensor and high speed with the BIONZ XR™ image-processing engine. FX3 is also equipped with the acclaimed S-Cinetone™, optimised for natural skin tones and mid-range colours, with gentle highlight roll-off, for impressive subject depiction even without post production grading.

The A7R V (Body Only) is available on the official Sony Store at S$5,749, while the FX3 (Body Only) is available on the official Sony Store at S$5,904. 

Free Gift (A7R V): 

  • 64GB SD Card
  • Sony Digital Workshop Course

The Partner Who Does a Bit of Everything 

Been exploring a whole range of exciting hobbies with your partner? Let them do it all with the Xperia 5 IV, made for creativity on the go. From imaging to gaming to sharing, there’s nothing this phone can’t support in your partner’s next hobby venture. 

With features like 4K HDR 120fps video recording, real-time Eye AF & tracking on all lenses as well as 360 Reality Audio, the Xperia 5 IV has all it needs for your partner to dabble into different things all from one device. 

The Xperia 5 IV is available on the official Sony Store at a promotional price of S$1,449 (UP S$1,599). 

Free Gift: 

  • Xperia 5 IV Original Case (Black)

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