Get ‘Real Tough’ With Under Armour

Under Armour joins forces with Seth Curry, Jordan Thompson and Fleur Jong to motivate  athletes to get ‘real tough’ and achieve their 2023 goals

As the new year got underway, athletes everywhere laced up their sneakers and hit the gym to commence the start of a new training season. However,  what often goes unseen is the pinch point they hit. Goals require unwavering dedication – a  “Real Tough” mentality – where relentless hard work meets digging deep, in order to shed  doubt and fear, and uncover the grit that lies within.  

Under Armour is empowering and motivating athletes everywhere to harness that “Real  Tough” mindset and level up to their goals this year by teaming up with three UA athletes  who know a thing or two about pushing past their limits.  

Brooklyn guard Seth Curry with Under Armour 

Brooklyn guard Seth Curry, gold medalist and volleyball player Jordan Thompson and  Netherlands Track & Field para-athlete Fleur Jong, are showing athletes everywhere how  they find their “Real Tough” mindset in a series of inspiring content that provides a rare look  at the inner mantras that drive them, the physicality of their training and the unwavering  dedication they maintain to perform at their best. 

Whether you are a basketball star, medal-winning volleyball player or record-setting para  long-jumper, it takes resilience, will power and tenacity to push beyond the pinch point and  achieve your goals. It also takes the right performance solutions like the UA RUSH™ Seamless  Shortsleeve and UA SmartForm Evolution Bra to help you on the journey to compete. 

Made with technology that the gives you back the energy you need to crush your goals in  2023, these UA training products are sure to support you as you dig deep and find what makes  you Real Tough.  

Designed for performance, the UA Flow Dynamic is the one shoe you need for every workout 

UA Flow Dynamic Product Details

INFRARED FABRIC DESIGN: The UA RUSH is powered by your body, there’s no off switch – the infrared fabric is designed to help fight muscle fatigue for as long as you  have it on. 

SEAMLESS CONSTRUCTION: Seamless construction means you’ve got access to  your full range of movement with no distractions. 

ULTRA BREATHABLE MESH VENTILATION: We added panels of ultra-breathable  mesh ventilation in strategic areas, so your body cools down faster and more  efficiently.

Designed for performance while still visually appealing, unlock your next level with the ultimate  workout gear 

UA Rush Seamless Product DNA

LOCKED-IN SUPPORT: The supportive fit keeps both your foot and ankle secure, so  you can switch up your workout with no lag time. • UNREAL GRIP: The rubberless sole grips just about any surface, so you can crash  jumps, lifts, quick cuts, and multi-directional movements with full support. • RESPONSIVE CUSHIONING: A bouncy footbed and lightweight sole mean nothing  slows down your next run.

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