Enhance the year of the rabbit with your partners this CNY

Rabbit Vibrators are dual-stimulating sex toys that stimulate the clitoris and G-spot.  Since the 1990’s, rabbit vibrators have come a long way. While the latest models still offer dual stimulation, the design and functions promise full-body experiences. In celebration of the Year of the Rabbit, global sexual wellness company , Lovehoney Group explores the origin and the evolution of the modern rabbit vibrators from the group’s iconic Womanizer and We-Vibe brands, and asked Ms. Andrea Tan gives her advice on ways to enjoy them during sex and masturbation.

The Birth of Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators were first manufactured in Japan and was imported to the United States. Japan was open to sexuality and sex since ancient times and women have had a long-standing history with sex toys in the country. The first female sex toy was introduced to Japan in the Nara period (710 – 794 AD) [1]. Ms. Shungirl, a columnist in Shunga Art (Japanese Erotic Art in Edo period) further explains, “A dildo was called ‘Harigata’ (張形) in the ancient times. These were made of paper, stone, wood, tortoiseshell, water buffalo horns, and was crafted into a shape of a penis. It was used for women’s masturbation and also during sex.”

With the revision of the Japan’s Pharmaceutical Affairs Law in 1948, the approval of the Minister of Health and Welfare became mandatory for the sale of sex toys, and as a result, manufacturers created sex toys that looks like dolls and animals to avoid this strict regulation[2].

20 years later in 1972, the first electric vibrator with simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation “Kumanko” (熊ん子was launched in Japan and was sold as a “doll”.  The vibrator consists of 2 parts: an internal stimulator for the G-spot that looks like a doll with a face of an indigenous person engraved and a small “bear” which acts as an external stimulator for the clitoris. [3] Kumanko’s function and shape can be said to be the origin of Rabbit Vibrators. This was a huge hit that sold 1 million units in 20 years and sparked the vibrator market. [4]

In early 1980s, these dual-stimulating vibrators were imported to the United States, and with its exposure on “Sex and the City” in 1998 [5], it spread beyond the United States to all over the world, establishing a new category called “Rabbit Vibrators” in the sex toy industry. 

Today’s Rabbit Vibrators

In the modern era, rabbit sex toys no longer only consist of rabbit ears, but keeping its originality in dual stimulation between the clitoris and G-spot, which champions the features of the original rabbit. Lovehoney Group’s sensational products, featuring the latest Womanizer Duo 2 and We-Vibe Nova 2 that we would recommend for erogenous zones, vulva owners and couples.

Womanizer’s upgrade of the classic toy rabbit Duo 2 features 14 intensity levels for Pleasure Air clitoral stimulation, and 10 different vibration modes to the internal G-Spot vibrator, simultaneously targets the G-spot and the clitoris to creating deeply satisfying blended orgasms. The Smart Silence feature allows quiet play and only when it makes contact with the skin.

On the other hand, We-Vibe’s Nova 2 revamps the classic rabbit vibrator to the highest level with its signature curved design. The toy features great flexibility and adjustable fit that allows one to adapt to their unique bodies and stays in place. It can be controlled via We-Vibe mobile app with dual motors working separately, with more than 10 vibration modes and 13 levels of intensity for toe-curling satisfaction. Both products are 100% waterproof, made only with body-safe silicone for that silky smooth enjoyment.

Ways of Enjoying the Rabbit

Ms. Andrea Tan, Sexual Wellness Educator and ambassador of Lovehoney Group brands in Singapore gives advice on the different ways of using a rabbit toy. 

Kissing to find more erogenous zonesTake the suction pulse portion – the “rabbit head” – of the Womanizer Duo 2 – with its Pleasure Air technology and start to work downwards from your face.  The areas around the neck, behind the ears, chin, chest, shoulders can be sensitive arousal spots to start teasing the body for orgasmic pleasure. The Pleasure Air technology also feels like soft kisses and there is something very sensual at keeping these light touches working down from your face, neck and down to your body.  Do it like you are scoping the areas around your body. Pay attention to particular areas that you seem to respond better to so that you have more for your partner to experiment with when you are next together. 
The breasts are often sensitive if given enough time for arousal. Sometimes, they are shown less love when we skip straight to the genitals.  Breasts aroused sensually can also lead to delicious breast orgasms.  Use the rabbit head with pulsing sensations and the dildo’s vibrating sessions to vary the sensations around your breasts and other areas around your torso.  This really gets the body in a sensual slow build, allowing for a more intense experience if you build to a climax later on in your session. Mix it up and play with the breasts

Intensify the sense of touchThis can be done through self-pleasure or with a partner.  When one of our senses are blocked, the remaining of our senses are activated or experienced more vividly. Which is why I tend to recommend blindfolding as one way to experience feeling the pleasure senses of the rabbit toy across your skin, breasts and genitals.  When you insert the dildo portion of the Nova 2 into the vagina while blindfolded, some of you might experience more heightened awareness of how your pleasure senses are turned on.  When done with a partner, there is also an element of surprise and additional sense of play while pleasuring.  You will find that when you are blindfolded, your sense of touch and arousal feels different, increasing the variety of pleasure sensations available to you. 
The Duo 2 is traditionally built to be used with the rabbit head externally over the clitoral head and the body (dildo portion) in the vagina.  For a variation, use the rabbit head externally over the clitoral head and place the body of the toy externally on one side of the vulva mound (over one side of the outer labia). Only the clitoral head is visible to us, whereas the two legs of the clitoral gland sits somewhere behind the vagina mound, approximately behind the outer labia on each side. By using the toy externally this way, we are arousing more of the whole clitoral gland at the same time. Used externally, the full V

Anal play pre-teasers

I termed it as such because this is great for those who are curious about anal play but aren’t ready to try anal penetration.  With the main body of the toy (dildo portion) inserted into the vagina, turn the Duo 2 where the head is placed at the anus.  Use the different vibrations to experience and stimulate the entrance of the anus.  Especially if you are more tense, the dildo allows for sensual arousal which relaxes your overall pelvis area including the anus. Do note that this is still different from dual penetration toys and to clean the Duo 2 before using the suction and pulse on other parts of the vagina. 
Finally, remember to vary your positions with the Nova 2. Use the toy while standing in the shower or on your tummy while lying down.  You can also experience it while propping some pillows on your back as you sit leaning back a little. You will find some positions allow you to manoeuvre the Biva 2 better, and different positions may provide different pleasure sensations and arousal build-up for you. Strike a pose

Let this list inspire you to play, explore and be curious about this dual action toy as you welcome the Year of the Rabbit with pleasure.

[1] Shimokawa, K. (2016). Erotikku Nihonshi: Kodai Kara Showa made Fushidara Na Sanjugowa. Gentosha.

[2].3.4  Matsuzawa, K. (2003). Ero Kaidō o Yuku: Yokochō no sei kagaku. Chikuma Shobo.

[5] Matesa, J. (2016). Sex in recovery: A meeting between the covers. Hazelden Publishing.

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