Have a fun-tastic time with Suzuki during Singapore Motorshow 2023!

From 12-15 January, join us at the Suzuki booth (Level 4, #116) during Singapore Motorshow 2023 where endless thrills await!

Visitors can feast their eyes on our various car models, including the Suzuki Swift, Swift Sport, Jimmy, and Ignis. There’s something for everyone, with each model designed with a twist to its personality and comfort in mind. 

Catch a glimpse of four exclusive artworks

At the Suzuki booth, look out for the vibrant and colourful designs that decorate our space, creating a fun and dynamic environment to be in! We have engaged local artist, Erika Tay, to create fun and bold artworks that represent the personality of each of the four models showcased at the Motorshow! 

On the Suzuki Swift,  the Kitsune, a fox well known for its cunning spirit and intelligence, mirrors the Suzuki Swift’s zippy and spicy personality. The illustration of the rabbit has a dual meaning – a symbol of speed and a nod to 2023, the Year of the Rabbit. 

The Swift Sport dons an illustration of a maneki-neko, the Japanese beckoning cat, believed to bring good luck and fortune, surfing on waves to represent the high degree of responsiveness and an exhilarating experience behind the wheel. 

Similar to the classic exterior of the Suzuki Ignis, the Daruma dolls designed by the artist presents a timeless representation of Japanese culture. The illustrations represent the sentiment of past meets present, while the modern symbols capture the quirky, bold spirit of the Ignis. 

Known as a fearless vehicle that can take on the harshest of terrains with the ability to adapt and confront any challenges, the Jimny finds a kindred spirit in Samurais. Revered for their courage, tenacity and skill, the decal captures the personality of the Jimny – which is a reflection of the indomitable spirit the Japanese warriors possess. 

Customers who purchase their Suzuki vehicle at the booth have the option of receiving their vehicle with the decal. For non-drivers, the artwork is also available for purchase. Images of the illustrations can be found here. Official images will only be shared on the 12th of January. 

Need For Speed? Try Our Simulator Challenge

Try out Suzuki’s Time Attack Challenge where you can race against your peers on a simulator track of Orchard Road designed by Legion of Racers. Each participant gets a total of 3 minutes on the simulator to record the best lap time. The contestant with the fast time lap has the chance to snag exciting prizes like a Nintendo Switch Lite​! Get your game face on and be prepared for the close and crazy competition happening at the booth. 

Quiz Time! Exclusive Suzuki Merchandise Up For Grabs

Behind our many car models, there is more than meets the eye behind what makes Suzuki different.  

Think you are a true blue Suzuki fan? Challenge yourself by participating in our specially curated Suzuki pop quiz! With questions ranging from the Suzuki brand to car models and even trivia, we’re sure you’ll learn something new here. Walk away with exclusive, Motorshow only Suzuki merchandise when you answer a series of questions correctly! 

Build cars, deliver experiences — that’s the Suzuki way. We can’t wait for you to join us!

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