Saudi King Declares Public Holiday on November 23rd After Beating Argentina at The World Cup

Following the national football team’s 2-1 victory against Argentina at the FIFA World Cup, Saudi Arabia has proclaimed Wednesday, 23rd November a public holiday. Saudi King Salman said that it will be a holiday for all employees, public and private. Additionally, schools will be closed.

The decision was made in the middle of the Gulf nation’s final examinations, which means they will need to be postponed.

An advisor to the Royal Court and the chairman of Saudi Arabia’s General Entertainment Authority, Turki al-Sheikh, made the announcement on Twitter that Tuesday will see free entrance at the city’s top theme parks and entertainment venues.

Other nations should take note of this and adopt it. This would allow citizens to fully appreciate their sports representatives and would allow everyone to rejoice together even more. Athletes will also believe that their efforts were worthwhile because their success benefits not just them but also their nation and, most importantly, the general populace.

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