Healthy with a shot of fun: #LiveHappier with these cold-pressed juices

From left, Celebrity DJ, The Flying Dutchman, Regional Director of Great Giant Foods, Nicholas Johannes, and Celebrity DJ, Glenn at Re.juve #LiveHappier event at i12 Katong.

As the season for holidays and happy tidings is coming up, Re.juve brought in the festive cheer with the #LiveHappier event on the weekend of 19 to 20 November 2022, from 11.00 am to 4.00 pm, at i12 Katong. More than just providing customers with honest and 100% cold-pressed beverages since 2014 so they can lead happier, healthier lives, Re.juve’s mission is to produce beverages that are #GoodforYou and #GoodforEarth.

Hosted by celebrity DJs, Glenn and The Flying Dutchman from OneFM 91.3, the highlight of the event featured a 2-metre life-sized Re.juve bottle where the public could shoot their shot of fruit plushies and walk away with an actual Re.juve bottle containing healthy and fresh cold-pressed juices, illustrating the farm to table concept that features the natural freshness of Re.juve juices. The event saw crowds of young and old, lining up, trying their hands at throwing the fruit plushies into the bottle, a feat that proved challenging even for the adults but drew fits of laughter, applause and cheer when any participant scored a goal.

Media, influencers and invited guests, including Singapore’s retired Track & Field athlete, U.K.Shyam , Rai from duo-group Jack & Rai, May Ooi, Former Olympic Swimmer and MMA fighter, and, Deacon Manu (photo on the left), the World Cup 2011 Rugby Captain for Fiji were also present at the event.
Through a Q&A session with Nicholas Johannes, Regional Director of Great Giant Foods, facilitated by the ever-engaging Glenn and The Flying Dutchman, the public gained a deeper understanding of the Re.juve brand, how its cold-pressed beverages are produced and kept fresh through High Pressure Processing (HPP) Technology. An interactive quiz followed and the crowd, interestingly the children, were the ones giving the correct answers, walking with attractive prizes. “The children are actually listening!” quipped The Flying Dutchman when an 8-year-old boy answered correctly to the question, “How many grams of fruits and vegetables are cold-pressed into a 250ml Re.Juve bottle?” The answer is 600 grams.

The #LiveHappier event will continue to spread the festive cheer at CapitaSpring, Outdoor Atrium on the 23-24 November, from 11.00 am to 4.00 pm

Re.juve’s Journey

Re.juve was founded in 2014 in Jakarta and has since expanded to over 70 stores across different regions of Indonesia; this includes outlets in Bandung, Surabaya, Bali and Semarang City. In 2018, Re.juve had the first true-cold pressed production facility built with (HPP) technology – the first of its kind in Southeast Asia, to ensure its juices would last longer while still maintaining its freshness and nutritional value. The next step was to attain a HACCP certificate in 2020 to ensure optimal food safety and hygiene would be combined with its maximal nutrient extraction.

In 2021, Re.juve commenced its first international expansion to Singapore, in the midst of the circuit breaker, and launched online. In spite of that, business went well and by the end of 2021, Re.juve had four outlets located across Singapore.

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