It’s time to step up your skincare game with ingredients that are actually good for your skin

Now that generations are breaking down the barriers that separate men and women, the old soap-and-flannel routine is no longer the only thing that works for men in the bathroom. Instead, men aren’t afraid to step up their beauty game by incorporating moisturizers, serums, scrubs, and face masks into their weekly routine.

The cornerstone of men’s grooming is an everyday skincare regimen. It may seem daunting to use so many different facial cleansers, lotions, and creams, so you may be wondering why you should bother.

Examine your body. Your skin is the largest and most noticeable organ. According to meeth, your attitude toward your skin reverberates throughout your entire life. A prosperous, happy life can result from taking good care of oneself with devotion and consistency. You may present your best self in front of others with complete confidence if you have beautiful skin. We spoke with the skin expert, Sonmi, Founder of meeth Global to find out the importance for men to take care of their skin regime.

Why is it important for Men to take good care of their facial and skincare routines

According to Somni, regardless of gender, confidence plays an important role in our daily lives. When we are confident, we will look people in the eye when they speak and our behavior also changes. As such, skincare is important even for men because our skin is so connected to our self-confidence.

Men’s skin has more collagen and elastin than women’s skin, making it thicker and firmer. As a result, men’s indicators of aging show considerably later than those of women. As a result, specialists say it’s crucial for men to care for their skin by maintaining a cleansing routine.

Men’s sebaceous glands are bigger. That simply implies that sebum is produced more naturally by men. Sebum is an oil that our bodies produce. It protects our skin and hair from evaporation and environmental deterioration. Our bodies are kept moisturized and healthy by sebum. A surplus of oil produced by enlarged sebaceous glands contributes to greasy skin and buildups. A face that is waxy and oily appears untidy and unwell, but one that is nourished and dewy makes us look young and radiant.

In Singapore’s climate, what specific ingredients can help maintain skin’s barriers and moisture?

Ceramides, which are lipids that occur naturally in the skin, are the most important to maintain skin’s barriers and moisture.

Are meeth’s products gender friendly?

According to Somni, meeth was made with the simple premise of delivering beautiful skin to anyone of any age and is definitely gender-friendly for use. This also shows in our minimalistic packaging which is kept gender-neutral to encourage anyone to pick up the product for use.

What’s important to help with these skin issues is to soothe and moisturise the skin. Somni recommends the following products for men starting out with their skincare regimen:

  • The Morerich Essential Lotion and Ceraderma Essence for a soothing effect to their skin.
  • meeth’s Twelement Day Cream is also great for moisturising. In consideration of Singapore’s hot and humid weather, a day cream is better for moisturising compared to a night cream.

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