Republic Bar Launches Volume Two Menu

Centered around pop culture themes of the 1960s – Art, Cinema, Fashion and Music

(From left to right: Kim Sisters, Velvet Underground, Pop Yeh Yeh, Fab Four)

Republic at The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore will launch its highly anticipated Volume Two cocktail menu on Monday, 21 November 2022. Drawing inspiration from the influential hallmarks of pop culture in the 1960s, the themes of art, cinema, fashion and music were chosen as the inspiration behind 16 brand new cocktails that celebrate beginnings, innovation, hits and legends.

“We have approached the curation of the Volume Two menu through focusing on classic cocktail techniques but putting our own spin on them through novel flavour combinations, and incorporating the use of some culinary techniques to elevate their characteristics and presentation. Most importantly, we had to ensure that the narrative behind each cocktail is expressed through its appearance and taste profile.” said Martin Villareal, Head Bartender.


The 60s was a revolutionary decade in music which saw the evolution of rock and roll, and spawned a new generation of singer-songwriters. Psychedelic rock, funk and futuristic music took over the charts and birthed icons like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Rat Pack and more.

Did you know that “Pop Yeh Yeh” was a genre of local music in the 60s and that the “Kim Sisters” paved the way for an entire generation of K-pop stars? Take a seat at our island bar and enjoy the stories as you imbibe on liquid history.

(From left to right: Flowers, Mr. Smiley, Georgette, Glass in Bloom)


The visual arts of the 1960s reflected the social and political movements of that era. Prosperity brought about opportunities for artists and collectors, while the civil rights movement and sexual revolution offered greater participation in the arts. Boundaries between fine and popular art were broken down through experimentation with new media, styles and forms.

Befitting the Art theme is “Glass in Bloom” a cocktail inspired by glass-blowing maestro, Dale Chihuly whose “Sunrise” sculpture sits in situ on the wall of Republic Lounge. This complex yet well-balanced Sazerac-style cocktail is the result of sous vide beetroot with cognac; and rye whiskey with feta cheese. The drink is garnished with stained glass candy.

The bar team also reimagines a local pioneering artist’s penchant for painting fruit baskets with “Georgette” – a gin-based clarified soy milk punch with hints of lychee; and presents a caffeinated spin on an enduring icon that was first created in 1963 with “Mr. Smiley”.

(From left to right: Mondrian, Polka Dots, Leather Jacket, Smoking Suit)


Fashion became progressively casual across genders and age in the 1960s. From the ladylike elegance of the previous decade, to the youthful mini skirt, and the bold and colourfulhippie styles. Rock stars became the new fashion icons.

The “Mondrian” pays homage to Yves Saint Laurent’s striking haute couture dress that became an object of mass consumption, while the “Smoking Suit” is a nod to his style vision of dressing women androgynously in trouser suits, trench coats and tuxedos.

(From left to right: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Space Odyssey, Lion City, Cruella)


Films in the 60s showcased a decade of fun and fashion, but also tremendous social changes and transitional cultural values. It gave birth to a diverse range of genres from biopics, to fictional larger-than-life characters, and even science fiction, brought on by the space age.

Look forward to tropical flavour profiles in the “Lion City”, which was also the first local post-war Chinese film of the same name; allow “Space Odyssey” to bring you on a cosmic adventure; or unleash your inner Audrey Hepburn with “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

Vintage Cocktails

Using limited edition spirits from the 1960s which are epoch of celebrations distilled into bottles, Republic has expanded its vintage cocktails menu to eight. Guests can now relish a taste of Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite drink – the Queen’s Dubonnet Cocktail, made with 1960s James Burrough Beefeater London dry gin and 1960s Dubonnet; or the El Presidente which is a concoction of 1960s Ron Cumarey blanco white rum, vintage martini rossi dry vermouth, cointreau and grenadine.

Zero Proof Libations

Teetotalers will be delighted to know that Republic now offers champagne and natural wine alternatives, as well as zero-alcohol distillates and aperitifs.

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