New Balance Challenges Singapore’s Top Young  Athletes To Run Their Fastest Mile In The NB All-Star Mile 

Five fastest runners of each category will win up to S$2,500 in cash with the top three of each  category receiving a 1-year product sponsorship. 

New Balance is hailing the transformative power of a fast mile with the launch of the inaugural NB All-Star Mile, inviting Singapore’s top young runners  and athletes of all sports to run their fastest mile, or as those who prefer the metric system  would call it, their fastest 1.609km.  

Speed and endurance – whether it’s on court, field, track, pitch or even in the pool – they are  important building blocks of athletic performance, and running forms the backbone of most  training schedules as it challenges aerobic capacities and improves athletic abilities.

The classic middle-distance race is known to train athletes to fight against oxygen deficit and maintain their fastest sustainable speed for four laps of the track or a stretch of road, and its  benefits can be reaped across all sports disciplines. Regardless of the intention, New Balance  aims to provide a platform for Singapore’s young athletes to push their personal limits of speed  and endurance with the NB All-Star Mile. 

The NB All-Star Mile will be held at the Hougang Stadium on 17 December and 18 December  2022. It will kick off with the Qualifiers on Saturday and the Finals taking place on Sunday.  Men and women from different sporting backgrounds and training disciplines, between the  ages of 15 and 22 years, will compete in a one-mile race across four categories for a chance be part of the first-ever NB All-Star Team – a title that will see the five fastest runners of each  category awarded with prize money of S$2,500, S$1,800, S$1,300, S$800 and S$300  respectively. The top three fastest runners of each category will get to experience what it’s like  to be a New Balance sponsored athlete for a full year. 

In line with the NB All-Star Mile’s goal to power the nation’s young sportsmen, all finalists of  the NB All-Star Mile 2022 will receive a pair of New Balance’s most advanced super shoe yet,  the FuelCell SuperComp Elite V3, ahead of its official launch in 2023. Loaded with New  Balance’s innovative FuelCell technology, the SuperComp Elite V3 allows for greater  responsiveness through increased compression capacity on lightweight cushioning for a  higher level of energy return. 

“New Balance is thrilled to be able to host the NB All-Star Mile to give Singapore’s young  athletes the opportunity to race again after nearly three pandemic years. Hosting this one-of a-kind event allows New Balance to continue providing aspirational young athletes with the opportunity and platform to push their limits,” said Coenraad Hefer, Country Manager of  Singapore and Malaysia, New Balance. “This event is all about running fast and then  celebrating that hard work. We look forward to celebrating the athletes’ accomplishments while  giving them an unforgettable experience.” 

Entering and participating in the NB All-Star Mile 2022 is free. To apply, simply log a time trial  of one mile from 21 November to 4 December and enter by 4 December for a chance to secure  a spot on the start line of the NB All-Star Mile 2022. There are two methods of entry: public  entry and Singapore Athletics member/school entry. Places will be awarded on a ‘fastest first’  basis.

Top-ranked participants entered through the Singapore Athletics member/school entry  will earn a fast-track entry that allows them to bypass the Qualifiers and score a place in the  Finals. To be in the running for this, they must be nominated by either a Singapore Athletic  member or an eligible educational institution/school by 27 November and to go without saying,  must be fast.  

Applications open on 21 November 2022 on the NB All-Star Mile’s website For any questions or further details, please check out the same NB All-Star Mile site. 

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