#Horror Sungai Api Api & Pasir Ris Park: What lies within, and around it?

Many have heard the eerie stories and weird sightings at Sungai Api Api and the legendary Pasir Ris Park. But we often forget that there are actually houses and people living who live around the area. It is no doubt that the area is a great place to stay at due to the scenic views and the close vicinity to nature. At night, it does have a scary feel to it due to the dark pathways and tress overgrowing the walkways. Living in Pasir Ris for 10 years (most of childhood), here’s one of the many encounters that I will never forget.

For context, I used to live at Pasir Ris Street 52, block 506 – which was the last of the HDB blocks leading to Pasir Ris Park. The block is also facing Sungai Api Api, a stretch of a swamp-looking river that flows throughout the the Pasir Ris town. Right under the block, there is a viewing deck overlooking the river and the blocks across, as well as a walkway that leads to the park. As of today, the viewing deck looks ultra-creepy and run down as tress have overgrown the whole area.

I used to have my friends over very frequently, during primary school. We would play video games, sing-along to old songs and just enjoy each other’s company – without the distraction of digital devices (no shade there). But one incident – shook them up so bad that they stopped coming over for a long while.

My parents used to stress the need of closing windows and doors when night falls, or at the very least keeping them closed until our evening prayers are finished. This is due to the Islamic belief that Satan disperse at that time to seek shelter for the call to prayer in the evening. Time was unimportant to us that day because we were having so much fun, and we didn’t even consider it. My window was wide open that evening, while we were chilling and listening to music – totally ignoring the prayer call.

In my room, I had an all-in-one double decker + study table + wardrobe set, which was perfect for kids below the age of 10. So much storage and SO Heavy. No components of the furniture were moveable on its own. It’s much bigger, but here’s a photo for reference:

Seated on the floor while we were chilling, out of the blue, one of my friends (let’s call her Jen) who was just speaking and laughing, turned pale and became quiet. She was facing the window. Everyone immediately recognised her mood change as the attention was already on her before this. Her pupils were dilated, and she was focusing on the wide-open window of my bedroom. We lowered the music and started asking her what’s wrong and if she was okay. Knowing the occurrences that happened in my house before this – I already had a bad feeling. After comforting her, she said “I saw something outside the window.” That wasn’t enough of a description to make us understand the situation so we probed her more.

And so Jen says “Something was peeking at us at the window, long hair, white clothing, with red eyes. It didn’t look like it was happy with us, laughing about loudly at this time.” While saying this, she remains pale and is still focused on the window. She described it something like this:

She suddenly came her to her senses and said “Maybe I was overthinking it, forget I said that.” Her description truly sent shivers down our spine as it was quite specific. It wasn’t something like ‘oh I saw something white flying across’ – which was a usual sighting that we frequently saw while living at that estate. In every story, there’s always the one fellow that says the wrong thing and aggravates the situation. One of my friends said “It was probably nothing, she’s probably trying to scare us! Or maybe it was a Pontianak trying to come in through the window,” followed by a series of lame laughters that no one followed.

Right at that moment, my whole bed set shook vigorously and its position was shifted slightly. Might I remind you, it was a built in set that was rather impossible to move even with 2 people putting pressure on it. It happened rather quickly and we had a delayed reaction – but all of us stood straight up on our feet and started gathering closer to one another, afraid, shocked, and confused. It really seemed like the figure that my friend saw out the window was lashing out on us. A gush of wind rushed through the bedroom window that raised all of our goosebumps, and in that moment, we felt as if something was coming to hurt us. I ran over to shut the window panel and all of us ran to the living room, with weak knees.

We witnessed 5 minutes of silence, and no one wanted to address whatever that happened earlier. Jen broke the silence and said “I think I’d like to make a move now.” And everyone followed suit. While four of them lived rather nearby my block, Jen lived quite a walk away and it was already night time. I did not have the heart to see her walk home alone after what she saw earlier. Without thinking much, as I also wanted to leave my house, I offered to walk her home – dumbest decision ever.

Of course I had company when walking her home, but totally forgot that I’ll be walking back alone once she’s homed. Making my way back home, I felt off and really felt like someone was following me. For some reason that night, the neighbourhood was dead silent and there were minimal cars driving past the roads, when it was only 8pm. I made an effort to clear my mind of any potentially bad scenarios and hurried home. I finally go to my lift lobby and feel a little more at peace.

When I thought I could finally breathe normally, the lift door refused to shut despite my best efforts. Since I resided on the 12th level, taking the stairs was not an option. For about ten minutes, I stood in the elevator and repeatedly pressed the close button. Finally, the doors started to slowly close. Just before it was closed shut, there was probably only a 20cm window that I could see past the lift doors, I saw a lady slowly walking past the lift lobby with extremely long hair in a super long white dress – that was clearly soiled from mud or something. She gave me swamp vibes. My goosebumps raised so quickly and I started hyperventilating. That was the longest lift ride of my life – as I couldn’t unsee what I just saw earlier. I fell into a deep fever right after that, and I promised to myself to always close the windows in the evening and not come home past nightfall.

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