The World’s First CryptoPunks NFT band Will be Performing “Maniac” At ULTRALUXE 2022

Singapore-based artist, entrepreneur, and crypto advocate, Jaye Funk launches Manifest, the world’s first CryptoPunks NFT band. Manifest will have its inaugural performance at the ULTRALUXE 2022 event at Ngee Ann City. The band will be performing their debut song “Maniac” as part of their performance, making them the first CryptoPunks NFT band in the world to release an original track.

Jaye is a multi-disciplinary artist, entrepreneur, and crypto advocate. The combination of these passions has led to Jaye being involved in Singapore’s first-ever cross-border NFT arts exhibition entitled “Broken Capitalism” and the launch of his crypto-inspired song “WAGMI”

Jaye constantly pushes the boundaries of creative media and has been a forerunner in the local crypto and NFT community. Manifest is his latest music project and features two NFTs from CryptoPunks. As one of the first NFT projects, CryptoPunks has often been credited as the forerunner of the NFT scene, paving the way for popular projects such as The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC). 

Manifest is an expansion on Jaye’s ownership of the CryptoPunks NFTs, his creative expression from the project, and the NFTs that he owns. Jaye has been exploring different NFT-inspired creations that leverage the intellectual property (IP) of NFTs through ownership for creative monetisation. Earlier in October, he launched his craft beer label “Bored and Boozy” which featured the world’s first BAYC/MAYC NFT-inspired beer.

Manifest’s debut track “Maniac” is a catchy hyperpop number that represents the rollercoaster experience for everyone involved in the crypto space. The performance will be held at ULTRALUXE 2022, featuring holographic projections of the 2 CryptoPunk NFTs as frontmen supported by a live DJ. Jaye envisions Manifest’s performances as the gateway connecting the physical and digital Web3 space, for an authentic hybrid concert experience.

There have been successful collaborations between the luxury world and NFTs. Nelson Lee, the organiser of Ultraluxe, found Manifest’s music and performance an engaging advancement in that regard. “Our collaboration was born out of friendship, and the desire to create. I hope that Manifest will grow into one of the world’s best examples that bridges the creative and commercial IP application of Web3 to the traditional world. and we are very happy that Manifest starts with us at ULTRALUXE 2022!”

Manifest’s novel concept of hybrid musical experience has resulted in further collaborations later in the year with different musical groups to explore the integration with the new age of Web3 content towards the end of the year.

Jaye has high believes his latest musical endeavour will raise the bar for Web3 entertainment. “Manifest is about bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 via entertainment, breaking the boundaries of race or nationality through the universal language of music. I want to inspire others to find creative ways to utilise the IP of their NFTs.” 

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