Reformer Pilates – Forget Everything You Know With Virgin Active’s New Programme

From 11 November 2022, Virgin Active will be rolling  out specialist programmes across their Group Exercise Experiences, reinforcing their  commitment to provide the highest quality in training, coaching, and class  experience. The first of such specialist programmes to be launched in November 2022  is its Reformer Pilates Programme, which will turn “traditional” Reformer Pilates on its  head, with the creation of three Reformer Pilates classes: Introduction, Align and  Athletic. Music plays a big part in this Reformer Pilates programme, setting the energy  and vibe for the class ahead.  

Julian Bera, Country Director of Virgin Active Singapore says, “Besides amazing holistic  fitness & wellness facilities, Virgin Active is passionate about delivering expertly  crafted, quality programs. Reformer Pilates is one of the focuses of our Group Exercise  Experience and we are excited to present what we think it can be. For those who are  looking for something more “traditional”, try our Intro & Align classes. For those who are  looking for a high energy experience, our Athletic class would be perfect. Imagine  your high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout conducted on the Reformer bed,  aiding your stretches and reach. Our Reformer Pilates classes are all about the vibe  and energy you are looking to bring for the day.”

Virgin Active’s Reformer Pilates Programme

All-new Reformer Pilates classes offered are Reformer Introduction, Reformer Align  and Reformer Athletic. Reformer Introduction is the perfect place to get an  introduction to the Reformer bed and foundational Reformer repertoire. 

Reformer Align classes bear the closest resemblance to a traditional Reformer class  with strong, focused, and steady movements. Students will leave an Align class feeling  centred, refreshed, and accomplished after a sequence of exercises that will awaken  parts of their bodies and minds they did not know existed. 

Reformer Athletic, on the other hand, will bring the high-energy cardio, strength, and  musical experience of a HIIT and dance class, into the Reformer studio. It combines  the principles of Reformer Pilates with the best elements of HIIT training, with a no holds  barred, uplifted and fearless mindset.  

Not only will students receive the full benefits of a Reformer Pilates workout, such as  untapped strength, balance, coordination and greater mobility and cardiovascular  output, but they will also ignite an unstoppable, powerful and fearless set of  capabilities. Reformer Athletic follows HIIT principles with bursts of work, followed by  rest, all accompanied by expert coaching and pumping music. Renée Rommeswinkel, Head of Reformer Pilates in Virgin Active Singapore, says “With  the 3 new Reformer Pilates class types, we hope to attract a larger audience of  participants. Introduction and Align are focused on mindfulness and recovery; while  Athletic is for those who love a good sweat-fest, as well as the pace and energy of a  HIIT class.”

Virgin Active’s brand-new Reformer Pilates Programme will roll-out across all its 6 clubs  islandwide from 11 November 2022.

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