Take My (Bad) Breath Away: Here is The Long-term Solution Everyone is Breathing For!

You are on a crowded train, and the person next to you is talking, but his breath is pushing you away. Here is another one – you are on your first Tinder date, and she offers you a mint at your first “hello!”; that is a big hint that you have bad breath!

Bad breath, medically known as halitosis, is common among adults and is a dating deal-breaker for many! In Singapore, about one in two people have bad breath regularly. To further emphasize this, 43% of 5,000 respondents agreed that bad breath is why you are not getting that second date.

The worst of it all? People who are unaware that they have bad breath as they are surrounded by polite people who find it too awkward to tell them. 

There are several causes for bad breath, including the lack of oral hygiene, dry mouth, lack of plaque control, and ear-nose-throat health issues. More often than not, the main culprit of bad breath is bad bacteria that builds up in the mouth and produces Volatile Sulphur Compounds (VSCs). 

According to a study, a buildup of unhealthy bacteria which is left untreated or unbalanced results in bad breath. The key to healthy oral health lies in the delicate balance of pH in the mouth which improves gum health and reduction in bad breath.

To temporarily solve this, most people use over-the-counter breath sprays or toothpaste with strong mint to brush more often. While these give a temporary solution, they only mask the issue and don’t address the root cause of it, which lies in the bacteria. Once the minty-fresh flavour wears out, the bad breath resurfaces. 

Enter Yunnan Baiyao Probiotic Toothpaste – A dental probiotic toothpaste exclusively sold in Singapore by Science Arts Co Pte Ltd, contains Yunnan Baiyao traditional herbal extracts that improve oral health and hygiene. With its unique probiotic formulation, it is able to combat bad breath by eliminating the very root of the issue. 

Yunnan Baiyao’s probiotic toothpaste formula focuses on balancing the bacteria population by activating the probiotic to attach itself to bad bacteria, allowing for easy removal when one rinses its mouth. With such ease in removing bad bacteria, there is finally the potential for a more long-term solution to bad breath.

The toothpaste not only freshens the mouth gently with its Refreshing Lime flavour, it is also fluoride and triclosan-free! Now, this is a solution that your date, your furbabies, and the people around you will all love. The AtterMen team had a chance to test out this toothpaste, and here’s our verdict:

  • The toothpaste comes in a box that protects it well, and there are ample information on the box to show you what is the ingredients and advantages of the toothpaste (useful for those who may be allergic to certain ingredients)
  • The toothpaste has a distinctive smell and taste as compared to other toothpastes
  • When brushing your teeth, you can slowly feel the minty feeling spreading in your mouth as you brush. After rinsing the toothpaste away, you can feel that the teeth looks brighter and slightly whiter – while the mouth feels refreshing and minty. It freshens up the breath as well.

Science Arts is having an ongoing promotion of twin-pack Yunnan Baiyao Probiotic Toothpaste at $13.80 (U.P. $17.80), available at selected Fairprice, Sheng Siong, Prime supermarkets, Chinese Medical Halls, Yue Hwa Chinese Products, and KEYI outlets. Alternatively, the twin-pack can be purchased directly from Science Arts via this link.

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