Await the Hot and Fierce Millennial lives of The Fabulous

The newly released main trailer for The Fabulous, a story of the dreams, love, and friendship of friends who are dedicated to the fashion industry, welcomes the viewers to the world of the four youths in the fashion industry “who shine the most in unseen places”. 

It is not easy for the four friends who are building their careers as marketers, photographers, designers and models; they are knocked over and faced with challenges, but as they have always done, they push forward once again. The ‘fabulous’ four friends cheer on one another in all sorts of difficulties while making the best of efforts in both their careers and romantic relationships.

The newly released poster piques curiosity and draws questions about what the four friends with flushing cheeks inside a red car are looking at, at night in Seoul. The cast reveals the not-to-be-missed points of The Fabulous – the fashion, the passion, and the chemistry.

  • #Fashion – The visuals that fully encompass the fashion and the most trendy spots in Korea 

“The series consists not only of the chemistry of the four friends but also captures the most glamorous locations and attractions in Seoul.” (Chae Soo-bin)

  • #Passion – The vivid reality that embodies the tireless passion of the four friends, as well as the joys and sorrows of the fashion industry

“I believe the viewers will be able to enjoy the series even more if they can fully understand and empathize with the passion, thoughts and emotions of each character.” (Choi Min-ho)

  • #Chemistry – The perfect combination of young energy and attractive visuals

“The chemistry of the young friends in the fashion industry, full of positivity and passion.” (Lee Sang-woon)

“Visuals, fashion, and also the unpredictable Ride or die!” (Park Hee-jung)

The Fabulous, filled with dreams, love and friendship of four friends who are united by their passion for fashion, will be released on November 4th, only on Netflix.

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