Slow down facial hair growth with Hair Removal IPL Treatments: It’s Men-friendly!

Japan IPL Express, Singapore’s first “no appointment, no packages” IPL salon, is turning 9 this year! The company has worked to make IPL as hassle-free as having a cup of coffee since its beginning, without the need to sign up for bundles or be given forced credit. This method allows clients the freedom and control to handle their own hair removal process.

One of the friendliest salons in Singapore is Japan IPL Express, which welcomes guests of both genders and upholds the principle that IPL services need to be made available to anybody who wants to give them a try. Customers are allowed to stroll in for IPL services at their convenience in this open and welcoming environment, allowing for a free and simple experience. AtterMen spoke with Ms. Audrey Goh, Brand Communications Manager at Japan IPL Express to find out more on how hair removal IPL treatments could be beneficial for Men, and to also break silos that this treatment are only for women.

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What is IPL treatment and how does Japan IPL Express ease the process at every step – e.g. from first contact with the store to treatment and post-procedure?

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a non-invasive treatment that is quick and suitable for a wide range of skin and hair removal concerns.

● Skin solution treatment — whereby the light energy breaks down excess pigmentation to give an more even skin tone or kill bacteria from acne-prone skin, this can help to treat acne, skin blemishes, pigmentation and vascular lesions

● Hair removal treatment — whereby the heat and light destroy hair follicles to help cease hair growth overtime

Japan IPL Express uses state-of-art equipment that emits a pulse of light directly onto the skin.

At conventional beauty salons, customers typically go through appointment-making and sign up for beauty packages, which can be a hassle when you need to rearrange appointments to avoid conflict in schedule. It is also not uncommon to encounter pushy salespeople and hard selling. After going through this process, customers may leave feeling not-so-great even before starting their package.

Japan IPL Express was founded to address these common pain points. We started out in 2013 with a completely new business model in Singapore’s beauty industry. We introduced a “No Packages, No Appointments” business model, meaning that customers are given the freedom, flexibility, and autonomy to get their IPL treatment done whenever, whichever area and wherever they want.

Essentially, it is a convenient walk-in treatment: Customers are the decision makers to whether they want to purchase anything or not, they aren’t talked into a hard-sell, they can decide to use their IPL ShotsTM however they want on whichever desired areas of their body, and they have the flexibility to drop by any of our outlets whenever and wherever without the need to make appointment.

Plus, as Singapore’s first unisex IPL salon, Japan IPL Express welcomes people of all genders.

The brand’s DNA is embedded into the tagline, ‘You Call the ShotsTM’, which explains it all.

Many may see IPL treatment only a necessity for women. How can men benefit from this treatment as well?

Contrary to popular belief, IPL is a unisex treatment. Japan IPL champions the belief that in 2022, both men and women should feel empowered to be able to Call The ShotsTM on their own body, regardless of gender. Men should be able to enjoy the benefits of both Hair Removal IPL as well as Skin Solution IPL like their female counterparts.

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Men often need to shave more often than women. How can IPL treatment help this process and make shaving less cumbersome/frequent for men?

Men may experience the need for more frequent shaving in more hormonal areas such as their upper lip and chin areas. At Japan IPL Express, Hair Removal IPL treatments for our male customers are commonly done on Upper lip, Chin, and even Underarm areas.

For progressive results, and to have unwanted hair grow thinner, finer and slower – and eventually even stop growing – we usually advise customers to book their Hair Removal IPL treatments once every 4 weeks, but all IPL treatment results depend on an individual’s hair and skin condition as well as hormones.

Is this treatment damaging for skin – and what are its post-benefits?

IPL is a non-invasive, painless, and safe hair removal method. It targets the underlying layers of skin without harming the top layers. Post-treatment, it is unlikely that you will face any side effects so long as you observe the aftercare tips our therapists will advise you after each treatment.
Aftercare tips include:
● For the next 24 hours, avoid heavy exercise, excessive sweating, perfume, and cologne
● For the next 3 days, it’s best to avoid direct sun exposure, saunas, and steam rooms.
● Don’t scratch, exfoliate, scrub, or use chemical peels on the treated area

● In between IPL sessions, shaving is alright, but we wouldn’t recommend waxing, plucking or using an epilator — these methods might disrupt the hair growth cycle and prevent you from achieving the best results.

Image from Japan IPL Express

Post-treatment benefits include:
● Reducing the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation
● Soothing acne blemishes
● Treating vascular lesions
● Brightening the overall skin tone
● Sun damage
● Wrinkles
● Thread veins

Packages Japan IPL Express can offer for Men and Women who are beginners

Japan IPL Express operates on a strict no packages, no appointments basis. Instead of packages, customers purchase their desired number of IPL Shots. For example, the underarm area usually requires about 20 – 30 Shots per side (the exact number varies from person to person). Customers can choose to purchase the exact number of Shots that they require to treat the area.

For new customers, enjoy 20 Free IPL Shots (worth $48) and experience IPL for free! Absolutely no obligation, no hidden cost. New customers will also be entitled to purchase the New Customer promotion on their first visit, where they pay $70 for 100 IPL Shots (worth $240). They can then use these 100 IPL Shots on whichever area that they wish.

Japan IPL Express’ “No Packages, No Appointments” motto allows customers to “Call Their Shots” whenever and wherever they want.

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