Level Up Your Gaming Experience With BenQ’s Latest Additions

Global consumer electronics and gaming device giant  BenQ hosted the Game For LIFE Product Experience Day 2022 in partnership with  custom PC maker Dreamcore. At its first showcase in Singapore since the pandemic,  BenQ demonstrated other recently released products from both its BenQ MOBIUZ  and ZOWIE lines, as well as a recently released 4K gaming projector. Apart from  demonstrating BenQ’s launches and Dreamcore’s custom PCs, it also served to  congratulate Southeast Asian VALORANT giants Paper Rex on their recent successes. 

Levelling-Up Your Gaming Bases With The X3000i 

BenQ has always been committed to providing the best gaming experience to both  casual and professional players alike. The new launches signify yet another step  towards that direction. The world’s first 4LED True 4K HDR Gaming Projector with 100%

DCI-P3 wide colour gamut coverage. The X3000i offers an unprecedented  combination of cinematic and realistic images, bright 3000 ANSI lumens, and 16ms  low input lag with 4K@60Hz, allowing users to traverse through an immersive world  of gaming. BenQ’s proprietary CinematicColorTM technology as well as the treVolo  surround sound system only adds to the immersion. The X3000i also serves as a  Smart Home Projector powered by Android TV. With all these audiovisual features,  the X3000i creates limitless possibilities to transform the home cinemas and  streaming and gaming bases of users. 


Extreme Immersion With BenQ MOBIUZ 

Launched as a commitment to take gaming to the next level, the MOBIUZ range is  designed to deliver the most immersive gaming experience to users. In line with this  vision, the new EX270M, EX270QM, and EX480UZ provide uncompromised audio visual immersion through sharp displays and intricately designed speakers. 

The new EX270M and EX270QM monitors boast the highest refresh rate in the BenQ  MOBIUZ range so far. At 240Hz, these 27inch FHD and QHD monitors provide one of  the smoothest visual experiences available. The EX480UZ, on the other hand, is  BenQ’s latest offering in 4K resolution. With a 48inch UHD display, a four-sided thin  bezel, and an upgraded 10W subwoofer the monitor takes immersive audio-visual  experience to the next level. Visually, they all feature a response time as low as 1ms  and use BenQ’s HDRi technology to deliver improved contrast and detail, and more  refined colours than standard HDR displays.

ZOWIE – New 360Hz Flagship Monitor, Providing The Best To Professionals The ZOWIE XL collection reflects the brand’s commitment to focus on innovation and  in-game experience and has become professional players’ monitor of choice in the  past few years. The new ZOWIE XL2566K is the world’s first TN 360Hz DyAc+™ monitor  and provides the best in-game FPS experience to players. The exclusive DyAc⁺™ technology with 360Hz refresh rate on the TN panel is incorporated to help players  see clearer motion and bullet trajectory, improving aim and recoil control. Providing  a clearer motion display than anything that came before, the XL2566K is ZOWIE’s newest upgrade for FPS gaming. 

ZOWIE is dedicated to creating equipment that allows players to focus on what  matters most – their performance in-game. Southeast Asia’s VALORANT giants  Paper Rex are long-term partners of ZOWIE and their preference for ZOWIE only goes  to further solidify the stance that ZOWIE monitors are the perfect addition to increase  in-game performance when it matters the most. ZOWIE has presented Paper Rex  with the best equipment in the form of the XL2566K for the upcoming VCT Pacific  League 2023, allowing players to focus on their performance with the best in-game  experience.

Partnered With Dreamcore To Build Exceptional Gaming Bases Dreamcore has been a long-term partner of BenQ. Dreamcore’s 10,000 sqft state of-the-art showroom, which also served as the venue for BenQ’s Game For LIFE  Product Experience Day 2022, is designed as a haven for gamers, content creators  and tech junkies. Interested users can test out BenQ’s ultra-high refresh rate  monitors with Dreamcore’s range of custom PCs that sport hardware such as the  latest AMD Ryzen 7000 processors and the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 all while  experiencing how Dreamcore builds its custom PCs at its Dream Factory.  Dreamcore’s showroom is also home to Paper Rex, and this is just one way both BenQ  and Dreamcore have come together to drive success for Paper Rex. Esports games  can often be decided on fine margins, and the monitors and PCs are built to deliver  at all times, giving players every advantage possible. 

“We are delighted to be a part of BenQ’s Product Experience Day,” shared Eugene  Lim, Co-Founder and Head of Marketing at Dreamcore. “Collaborating with BenQ on  a long-term basis is a great way for our users to get a taste of the apex gaming  experience that can be achieved through the pairing of BenQ’s excellent monitors  and our customizable, quality custom PCs.”

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