Relaunch: New Porsche Experience platform

In April 2021, IBM iX began redesigning the “Porsche Experience” platform – a website that offers a 360° experience to all Porsche fans. There’s something for everyone, from driving safety training courses and races to trips with your favourite Porsche model. IBM iX redesigned the entire customer journey for the platform, taking into account the Porsche design system and the existing CI. At the same time, the entire portal was technologically restructured on the basis of a headless architecture and microservice structure, which was integrated into the existing Sitecore environment.

Customer experience in a class of its own

With the exclusive Porsche Driving Experiences, the company offers customers the pleasure of a specialised, individual driving experience. But the right experience is not only just for behind the wheel, but for the entire customer journey. Starting with the first visit to the website, from the selection of a driving experience all the way to the booking process and the subsequent experience drive – the Porsche spirit should be palpable at all times.

Attractive website with excellent usability

An attractive website usability is required – both for customers looking for the next “Porsche Experience” and for employees who want to create events and exciting content for their own target group as easily as possible. Accordingly, the redesign of the Porsche Experience platform focused on fast loading times, an appealing design, intuitive, barrier-free user guidance, and self-explanatory navigation.

State of the art technology

Before the platform redesign began, IBM iX analysed the existing system in terms of functionality, performance, and security. Along with design and technology experts, IBM iX acted as a sparring partner for Porsche Experience, advising the company on the latest technology and design trends to build a digital speedboat. In the implementation, IBM iX developed a microservice architecture-based solution that is headless and cloud-native and provided a modern angular-based frontend. The existing e-commerce backend platform was integrated into the new solution in conjunction with Sitecore as the content management system.

User benefits

The redesign of the platform provides Porsche customers faster and easier access to the exciting brand experiences with a seamless customer journey across all touchpoints. Designed as a multi-tenant solution, IBM iX will also enable Porsche to scale globally and collaborate with multiple event partners on a single platform. The new technology shows off a deployment without downtime, an increase in security, as well as impressive performance across entire system and booking engine while at the same time reducing maintenance efforts. Porsche employees can use the new platform to streamline content creation and set up efficient event management, which goes hand in hand with cost and time savings.

Check out the new Porsche Experience platform

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