MUJI Singapore officially launched MUJI NEW COLLECTION 2022


MUJI, founded in 1980 is based on three principles that are unchanged  to this date – “Selection of materials”, “Streamlining of processes”, and  “Simplification of packaging”. We select materials that are considerate for the global environment and  producers, eliminate waste in all processes, and aim to provide  customers in a form that they really need. It has been our continuous  effort to reduce waste and conserve earth’s resources. With this consideration in mind, we strive to select raw materials that  are harvested and cultivated in a way that minimizes the burden on  earth, animals, plants, and producers.  


MUJI considers the most important asset of our daily lives – Clothes. Wearing the right clothes suited for  the kind of weather we have in the country is fundamental for comfort living. It is MUJI philosophy to  maintain quality of Japanese standards while keeping the price tags affordable, encouraging everyday  clothing for everyone.

Our new clothing line is designed for the first time for Asean countries, catering to locals who experience  hot and humid weathers, promising an ultimate comfort wear for the locals such as Singapore. Meticulous  care is being put into the making of the clothes, such as the material and fabric texture used.  

Organic cotton and lyocell are the main fibers for this collection, which are made from eucalyptus pulp. It  is also sustainable in an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. Feel the fabric – smooth yet  durable and has excellent breathability for a cool and comfortable touch, suitable for warm weathers. 

MUJI environmentally friendly manufacturing 

Lyocell is a cellulose fibre made from wood pulp. It is produced in a closed loop  system with economical use of energy and water, and with minimal impact on the  environment. The solvent used in the process is non-toxic and a large percentage  of it is recaptured and reused in continuous processing. The small amount of  

effluent discharged is considered non-hazardous. When compared to the  

manufacture of other cellulose fibres like rayon and viscose, lyocell production is  significantly less toxic and wasteful. Lyocell has a very smooth, soft feel and  

drapes beautifully. It is lightweight, breathable and absorbs moisture better than  cotton. Lyocell is also fully biodegradable. 

MUJI 2022 new collection consists of 3 main categories – Men’s and Ladies’ Wear, MUJI Walker series  and Home Wear. MUJI hopes to improve the quality of life for local communities and all people, and play  a role in realizing a more sustainable society. 

Men’s & Ladies’ Everyday Wear

“Everyday clothing for everyone.” MUJI accomplishes this ideology through the  material used for the clothes that is soft and breathable on the skin, suitable for  everyday wear. The minimalist colors are also versatile to match and wear for any  occasion, casual or semi-formal!

MUJI Walker Series 

The MUJI WALKER series is equipped with functions that are useful for light exercises  such as walking outdoors, and is easy to incorporate into everyday wear. In the hot and  sweaty season, MUJI Walker clothing is most suitable due to its sweat-absorbing and  

quick-drying properties equipped with UV protection. New designs include Sweat  absorbent Quick Drying T-shirt, Short Pants, Sleeveless T-shirt/Tan Top and Leggings. 

Home Wear

A brand new series first to launch in MUJI Asean countries, this home wear line can  be worn during nighttime or as a casual wear around the house. So comfortable  almost like second skin. Feel like a breeze and move with ease in these pieces! 

MUJI NEW COLLECTION 2022 is the first collection of apparel designed specially by MUJI for ASEAN countries.

Japan has thus far taken the lead in MUJI’s product development. Around the world, there are more and more MUJI stores. The quantity of stores in each of these nations is rising as MUJI expands throughout the ASEAN area, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The four seasons are what motivate product creation in Japan. We MUJI discover that there is no product differentiation when taking into account the variations in climate, seasons, and cultures among the ASEAN nations.

MUJI began considering items for the ASEAN market five years ago. People all across the world have changed their lifestyles as a result of Covid-19. As a result, following MUJI’s study, we developed a product line that employs materials appropriate for each use and is more in accordance with each nation.

Having Unique Product Lines for different countries in ASEAN

According to the demand in each country, MUJI modifies the order quantity for typical product lineups. In addition, to accommodate the local culture, MUJI is producing caps and tudung for Muslims in Malaysia, for example. Another illustration is the raincoat that MUJI plans to create for Vietnam that may be worn while riding a motorcycle.

Design concept behind MUJI NEW COLLECTION 2022

The use of light, cool materials that are comfortable for the skin even in hot, muggy weather is the main design idea, as is the development of a look that can be worn casually as everyday clothing. We’ve added more variety to the shirts by offering several shirt lengths. This new collection offers a casual silhouette rather than a fit and is soft and cozy. MUJI will also broaden our selection of short pants, which are quite popular in Singapore. Yoga and other forms of exercise have become more popular thanks to Covid-19; as a result, MUJI have enlarged the MUJI Walker product range, which has been in development for a while.

MUJI in 2023

The demands and desires of their customers inform MUJI’s philosophy. MUJI will keep making items that are appropriate for the local needs and tastes as well as the climate. In addition to opening new shops and expanding current ones in Singapore, MUJI has plans to create expansive storefronts that it hasn’t been able to display up to this point.

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