5 Terrifying Horror/Thriller Movies to Catch This Spooky Season

With October rolling around, the spooky season has officially commenced. What better way to fuel the ambience than to catch hair raising, spine chilling, and mind-numbing horror movies with your loved ones? The year 2022 has had its fair share of films to satisfy one’s need for horror flicks. Here are the top 5 horror movies we recommend you catch:

1. Incantation

A pregnant woman breaks a religious taboo some 6 years back during her visit to a village, leaving her and her child cursed as a result. Years pass, and she now must protect her daughter from the barbaric consequences of the malicious curse.

This Netflix Taiwanese found-footage style horror movie has caught the attention of many worldwide, with over 10 million hours watched and counting. It has grossed over 5.7 million USD. Its unique movie style and plot has piqued the goodwill of many viewers. This movie is a definite must watch with friends to have a suspenseful experience.

2. Umma

A Korean-born woman lives in a quiet farm in America raising her daughter single handedly. Her life is turned upside down when her mother’s ashes are delivered to her from Korea, as she begins getting haunted by a vicious spirit, who wishes to claim her body as its own.

Umma, the Korean word for mother, is an American supernatural horror film, grossing 2.3 million USD. With great tension, and whirling camerawork, Umma is sure to give you a scary jump scare filled experience.

3. Watcher

A young actress moves to Romania with her husband who has just gotten a new job opportunity. With her husband busy at work every day, she spends her days exploring the city. She finds herself noticing a peculiar individual staring at her from the opposite window every night, and she slowly realizes that she has caught the attention of someone with malicious intentions.

A suspenseful thriller, Watcher will keep viewers at the edge of their seats with the many twists and turns of events in the movie. Scarily accurate to reality, this movie also serves as a reminder to people on the dangers of the world. This movie grossed 5 million USD in cinemas.

4. Smile

A therapist experiences an odd and traumatic experience with a patient, which causes a series of supernatural occurrences to take place, terrorizing her mental state, and threatening her life and safety.

The only time where a smiley face will terrify you, this movie gives audience a spine chilling experience as it brings you along on the horrifying journey of an individual fighting for her life and sanity against a malevolent and violent disturbance. This movie has grossed 38.5 million USD globally.

5. Orphan: First Kill

After orchestrating an escape from a psychiatric hospital, a deranged patient impersonates a missing girl and escapes to America and gets adopted by a family, who slowly learns she is not who she seems to be.

This movie is the prequel of the iconic 2009 movie, ‘Orphan’, which follows the misfortune of a family who adopted a little girl who turned out terrorizing their lives and beginning a murderous rampage. The Orphan: First Kill details the life of this deranged killer before she was defeated in the first movie. The film grossed 37 million USD.

These movies are sure to give viewers an experience that will cause the hairs to stand on their necks. Kick back and enjoy them with your loved ones this spooky season.

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