It’s Truffin’ Addictive — Irvins Launches Dangerously Addictive™ Truffle Potato Chips

Continuing to carve a niche and impress snackers with the creation of  innovative new flavours, the IRVINS food technologists, Chefs and R&D Specialists are proud to present  IRVINS Truffle Potato Chips. A year in the making, the truffin’ addictive chips are the latest addition to  IRVINS’ bold and contemporary range of Dangerously Addictive™ products. 

“Realising Singapore’s love for all things truffle, we sought to develop a ‘truffin’ addictive’ addition to  our product line, adding an IRVINS spin to this sought-after product. Fresh truffles, sourced from Italy,  are used in our secret recipe, which was perfected over 12 months. We look forward to continuing to  take the industry by storm with our Dangerously Addictive™ snacks,” said Irvin Gunawan, Founder of  IRVINS.  

Following a series of trials and taste tests, the world-famous IRVINS Zig Zag Potato Chips are delicately enhanced with real dried summer truffles, sourced from Italian woodlands. These truffles are known for  their hazelnut-like aroma and prized for their gastronomic qualities; the overall aroma and taste profile is  balanced, not too heavy or earthy. They possess A strong umami taste profile that deepens the overall  richness of the truffle taste, complemented by a sprinkling of aromatic parsley. 

Hand-cooked by IRVINS’ passionate in-house Chef, thick-sliced Zig Zag potato chips are used for a better  crunch experience; the Zig Zag design also traps more truffle coating on the surface of the chip, meaning  more flavour with every bite. 

IRVINS Truffle Potato Chips (70g) retail at SGD 6 and are available in all Singapore Stores (Orchard  Gateway, Takashimaya, WestGate, Jewel Changi Airport, Changi Terminal 1 Transit, Changi Terminal 3  Transit,, (International). They are also available on Shopee, Lazada and in select supermarkets.  

This product is not halal-certified but does not contain pork or lard.  

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