Ion Orchard COS Store’s Brand New Look & Sustainability Efforts

The COS store in ION Orchard mall has recently been refurbished and redesigned to become visually pleasing for its customers. With the aim of having a minimalistic interior, while providing a spacious feel, the COS store has repositioned its store layout.

Store’s New Look

Upon walking in, customers are greeted with warm beige toned walls, which serves as a pleasant background color for their vibrant clothes to be displayed against. The women’s section star in the entrance of the store, with clothes displayed against the walls, and on their grey toned mannequins.

Further inside, customers will be greeted with an open floor concept, where the store’s initial cashier position has been replaced with sofa seats, and a small wooden table placed on a grey carpet. Clothes are hung along the walls in this area. A full-length mirror can also be found in this vicinity for customers to admire their outfit choices.

The original cashier area has been replaced by an open concept small seating area and clothing displays along with a full-length mirror. PHOTO: NUR IHSHANA SHAHEEN
The cashier is now placed in the middle of the store, widening the spaciousness for customers to walk about. PHOTO: NUR IHSHANA SHAHEEN

After the cashier, customers will find the men’s section of the store. With mannequins in the middle displaying the latest clothing, customers will find clothing displayed on both their sides. A full-length mirror of bigger width and length is also in this area of the store, giving customers a complete visual of themselves.

The men’s area stars mannequins in the middle with clothes on either side, along with the store’s largest full-length mirror. PHOTO: NUR IHSHANA SHAHEEN

Like the front of the store, the men’s area also has a casual seating area placed nearby the fitting room, which allows people to rest while waiting for their loved ones to try out different outfits.

A simple seating area is prepared for customers to relax or even take photographs of them with their outfits of the day. PHOTO: NUR IHSHANA SHAHEEN

Speaking of the fitting rooms, there are 3 well-lit rooms with full length mirrors and a stool for customers to have the best view of themselves in the outfits they choose to try on. The fitting room area also shares the same beige toned walls that the rest of the store does, giving users a warm and soothing ambience.

Beige toned interior walls give off a soothing ambience for the customers to experience while trying on COS store’s products. PHOTO: NUR IHSHANA SHAHEEN

Due to the store’s minimal and aesthetic look, as well as an array of different sized mirrors, customers can look forward to snapping Insta-worthy shots, be it of themselves, or the little aesthetic details of the store.

Sustainability Efforts

Not only has COS redesigned their store for a better customer experience, but they have also ideated ways that they can contribute to the green future of the earth by utilizing sustainable means around their store.

Recycled cotton, wool, polyester, and nylon are used to reduce their demand of natural resources. Their hangers and mannequins are also made of recycled materials. With these efforts, they hope to lead other brands into conserving the earth and going green.

COS store’s mannequins and hangers are made using sustainable materials to save the earth, and lead as an example for other brands as well. PHOTO: NUR IHSHANA SHAHEEN

Walking through the store brings customers a fresh experience, the vibrancy of the new arrival collections, along with their friendly and approachable staff, making it a well-rounded experience. Customers would be thrilled at the concept of sustainable efforts as well, as their contribution would not only benefit them, but the world as well. With a brand-new layout and minimalistic interior design along with sustainable efforts to save the earth and go green, customers are guaranteed a pleasant experience at ION Orchard’s COS store outlet.

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