5 Halal Restaurants To Celebrate Special Occasions

Restaurants are frequently the first place that springs to one’s mind when it comes to celebrating a special occasion, whether it be a small gathering, someone’s birthday, an anniversary, or even a milestone because a memorable eating experience can make your loved ones feel both delighted and satisfied.

The standard of the service, the interior design, and the general atmosphere of the restaurant should all be taken into account in addition to the food. Any of these 5 places, which I have tried and tested, can help you make priceless memories for important occasions.

The Shakehouse by Love, Food Club

The Shakehouse by Love, Food Club is a Muslim-owned family restaurant with a variety of Asian and Western delights on their menu. The moment you enter the restaurant, you are welcomed by dim lights, and warm colors which gives a very inviting atmosphere. One of the things to love about the restaurant is that their portion is big and you can really expect a bang for your buck. 

If you are looking to enjoy a nice comfort meal, their Ayam Panggang Sambal Ijo ($18.90) is so fragrant and the chicken has a nice smoky aroma to it which really satiates your appetite. Another must-have asian delight is their Beef Fried Kuay Teow ($8.90). Now this took me completely by surprise as it had such a familiar taste to it which many of us have grown up with. It tastes so similarly to Indomee that it had me craving for more after I had left the restaurant. So Indomee lovers, you should definitely check it out! 

Positano Risto

If you’re looking for hearty Italian food with a romantic atmosphere, Positano Risto is the restaurant for you. The restaurant is decorated with wallpapers of the city of Positano, a cliffside village on southern Italy’s Amalfi coast. They have so many Italian dishes on the menu that you will simply have a hard time trying to decide what to eat as you are spoiled for choice. Our recommendations would be their Arancini Balls ($12.95), Squid-ink Pasta ($24.95) and their Truffle Fries ($13.95). 

If you are booking to try out a fancier dish, you should go for their Positano Signature Fresh Boston Lobster Feast For Two. The Lobster is so fresh and given the portion, for the price of $69.95, you are definitely getting a bargain! The best part about the restaurant is that they are willing to customize their dishes according to your liking. So if your taste runs towards the spicier side of things, you can ask them to make your pasta spicier than usual. 

The Secret Garden by Zeekri

The Secret Garden by Zeekri is the first florist-brasserie in Singapore that provides superb coffee, blooming floral teas, exquisite French cuisine, and delicate pastries. The brasserie offers delicious meals and a beautiful interior for your date out with a loved one. Their pastries are simply to die for and you should definitely get their Bread Pudding and Salted Caramel Brownie. With the multitude of cakes, tarts and pastries, this makes it an amazing place to celebrate your significant other’s birthday. 

They have an exquisite brunch menu if you are looking to have a heavier breakfast. But I must say that the highlight of the restaurant would be their 2 Course Lunch Set which starts at $18++ where you get to choose a starter and a main course. For the mains, their Salmon Meuniere and Striploin Steak are to die for and for that price, you are definitely a bang for your buck!

The Meathouse

For steak lovers who are looking to enjoy exquisite cuts of steak, The Meathouse is the best place to go. They have a nice welcoming atmosphere when you first step into the restaurant and with such an open kitchen concept, you can actually see how they prepare the steak. For those keen on trying their pasta, I highly recommend the Josper Oven-Grilled Striplion Steak with Pasta ($16.00). The dish looks quite deceiving as when it arrived it did not look very flavourful simply because the pasta looked plain. 

However, I was pleasantly surprised by my first bite as the pasta was extremely flavourful and the striploin steak was well-paired with the pasta. The pasta did not overshadow the taste of the steak and in fact, the dish made me crave for more and I will definitely come back for it. If you are in a group of 4 or more, I recommend that you try the Tomahawk ($12.00 per 100gm). It is very well-seasoned and you get to enjoy it with a few sauces of your choice.   

Tipo Pizzeria E Trattoria

The restaurant is at a stunning location featuring stylish minimalist decor, attractive dark green tones, and sleek wooden details. It’s definitely a wonderful place to celebrate a special occasion that won’t break the bank like a pricey Italian restaurant. You may create your own pizza at Tipo Pizzeria e Trattoria using their extensive selection of sauces and toppings. However, if you want to keep things simple, you can pick up a few of the combinations they’ve developed.

They have the reasonably priced Madam Marge ($18.00), the satisfying Proper Pepperoni ($23.00), the entertaining fungi-loaded Mushroom Madness ($22.00), and the opulent seafood platter The Blackout ($30.00). They have some of the best pasta dishes, including Beef Ragu Campanelle ($20.00) and Uni Gnocchi ($28.00). With the quality of the food and ingredients at that price point, it is definitely a place worth visiting!

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