5 Night Markets You Should Visit in Bangkok

The best places to get inexpensive (street) cuisine, local pubs, and shopping are night markets. The street food scene in Bangkok quickly altered as a result of the government’s stance prohibiting street food sellers from selling their cuisine on pavements. These days, the best places for a cheap night out are designated venues like night markets, which quickly became the go-to spots for cheap food. Night markets are a fantastic nighttime pastime for both visitors and locals in Bangkok since they have such a high concentration of food sellers, antique stores, and tiny bars.

We’ll talk about the 5 night markets you need to visit in Bangkok.

Chatuchak Market

Keep Chatuchak Market in mind if you want to shop till you drop. This weekend day and night market in Bangkok is a vast, maze-like collection of indoor and outdoor vendors offering just about anything you can imagine.

In the evening, you’ll experience a more relaxed atmosphere than you would during the busy day. The market has live music, traditional Thai street cuisine, as well as more western foods, and is a favorite hangout for students and young residents.

It’s a fantastic location to celebrate the weekend’s end. Take the MRT metro to Chatuchak Park or the BTS sky train to Mo Chit station to get there; you can’t miss it. One of the top night markets, without a doubt.

Chang Chui Plane Night Market

Due to its distinctive design and sizable, eye-catching plane in the midst of the market, Chang Chui Plane Night Market, which debuted in 2017, attracted a lot of attention very fast. With a focus on art, Chang Chui has a variety of local artists presenting their unique work, all of which is constructed from recycled materials. You may discover interesting skull sculptures among them as well as eateries and businesses that have been adorned in a distinctive way.

The market offers a gallery, a vintage movie theater, hip stores, cafés, pubs, as well as a variety of meals and restaurants. Even a fancy dining establishment that serves insects exists, if you dare! Chang Chui is one of our favorite night markets in Bangkok since it is more upscale and draws a younger, bohemian clientele than other night markets in the city. Chang Chui is split into two areas: a “night zone,” open from 16:00 to 23:30, and a “green zone,” which is alcohol-free and open from 11:00 to 21:00. Craft beer pubs, live music venues, and late-night businesses with affordable beverages are all found in the night zone.

There are no MRT or BTS stations close by. Bang Son MRT is the nearest MRT station, however it’s still a 10- to 15-minute cab ride away.

Hua Mum Night Market

Hua Mum is another another excellent night market in Bangkok. This less-crowded night market in Bangkok is found in the Lat Phrao area, just outside the city center. Hua Hum Night Market offers dining, shopping, and a few pubs, but Stanee Mee Hoi seafood restaurant is the primary attraction. Guys, hold up on your excitement; the restaurant is renowned for its male staff’s dancing and “freaky” noise-making while donning women’s nightgowns. What motivates me to visit Hua Mum Night Market? We appreciate the calm atmosphere and absence of crowds, which make it simple to wander and take advantage of the market’s Instagram-worthy food, shopping, and other offerings.

There are no MRT or BTS stations close by. Lat Phrao MRT is the closest MRT station, however it’s still a 10- to 15-minute cab ride away.


Everyone who visits Bangkok will at least once stop by Asiatique, which used to be the city’s most well-known night market. It’s like a larger, more attractive, and expansive Chatuchak Weekend Market throughout the night, which makes shopping here a breeze. It’s a great spot for relaxing while enjoying food and beer by the river. The majority of the eateries in Asiatique have reopened once tourist has resumed. However, the selection of stores could be restricted given that many have yet to open again following COVID-19-related closures. Take the free shuttle boat from BTS Saphan Taksin to arrive here without being stuck in traffic. Take advantage of this opportunity to go boating on the Chao Phraya River!

Using the Asiatique Shuttle Boat to get there from BTS Saphan Taksin (Exit 2)

Rod Fai Market 2 (Ratchada)

The Rot Fai Market (Train Market) in Bangkok’s Ratchada district delivers the same sociable night market atmosphere, antique curios, and street cuisine snacks and delights to a place that is much more accessible owing to the neighboring Cultural Center MRT Underground Station.

Even though the original Srinakarin branch is significantly larger, it is also located rather far from Bangkok, making it difficult for individuals who are on the opposite side of the city to reach. Since the new Bangkok Train Market is more conveniently located and smaller, it is simpler to drop by anytime between 6 p.m. and midnight, Thursday through Sunday.

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