Honda Plans to Revive Iconic NSX Sports Car as EV

The Acura NSX from Honda Motor appears to be getting ready to fly off into the sunset with just a few special editions still available in dealer showrooms. But the recognizable sports vehicle might not have been gone forever.

The Acura NSX served to showcase the technological capabilities of Honda’s luxury Acura brand when it was initially released back in 1990. This purpose was carried out again with the introduction of an entirely new NSX in 2016. Now, Acura strategists are considering how they may bring the expensive sports vehicle back to symbolize the company’s impending direction change.

“I would bet on it,” said Vice President and Acura Brand Officer Jon Ikeda at American Honda Motor Co. And if it does, he said in an exclusive interview, “it’s going to be [all-]electric.”

Acura brought the NSX back in 2016 as a three-motor gas-electric hybrid after spending almost ten years researching methods to resurrect the historic moniker. It had incredible acceleration—getting from 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds—and handling that even Ferrari failed to equal because to the unconventional drivetrain’s Super-Handling All-Wheel-Drive system.

However, manufacturing just came to a stop with the sale of the last NSX Type-S model in a limited run. Additionally, Acura asserts that it has no plans to bring the sports car back, at least officially.

Although there is no official plan, corporate representatives provide a different account of the background, stating that a third-generation NSX would be the ideal vehicle to showcase the brand’s transition from internal combustion to battery-electric propulsion.

The strategy really strengthens Honda’s partnership with GM; the two companies intend to develop a number of inexpensive all-electric cars by utilizing their combined economies of scale. However, Honda is also creating its own BEV platform. It will serve as the foundation for both mainstream Honda and high-end Acura cars and is known as the e:Architecture. That’s where a brand-new NSX would help.

Mibe (Honda CEO) will certainly have the last say about the NSX’s return, but the new CEO’s backing for electric vehicles seems to be a surefire indication that a new sports car will follow.

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