Uncovering the finer details behind UNIQLO’s high-quality essentials 

Guided by their philosophy of LifeWear and making everyday clothing better for all, UNIQLO shines a light on the innovation and highly perfected details behind each piece of clothing — right down to a simple T-shirt  — in UNIQLO Masterpiece. Together with four local Masters in Singapore, UNIQLO invites the public to a series of free workshops and talks. 

The Masterpiece Vision  

At UNIQLO, each piece of clothing goes through rigorous design processes with attention to every component,  from the materials, sewing to the design process. This reinforces UNIQLO’s continuous commitment to constantly evolve and innovate to make everyday clothing better for all. Through perfecting even the smallest details in our products, we uphold the philosophy of LifeWear — clothing designed to make everyone’s life better. It is simple, high-quality, everyday clothing with a practical sense of beauty — ingenious in detail, thought through with life’s needs in mind, and always evolving.

Partnering local Masters to bring free workshops to all  

With this philosophy and vision, UNIQLO will be partnering with four local Masters in a series of free workshops and talks. Each Master, who embodies the same level of detail and constant innovation in their craft, will bring their unique perspective of what makes a Masterpiece, and shed light on the details that matter in clothing.


Denim: A Masterpiece in Beautiful Ageing

Jeans mending collective FIN Crafted Goods will be sharing their extensive knowledge of quality jeans fabric and construction.  Working with UNIQLO’s stretch selvedge denim, which is specially made to age beautifully over the years, they will be teaching workshop participants how to extend the longevity of denim using the sashiko and patch-mending technique. 

*Participants will need to bring their own pair of denim jeans to the workshop. 

Dates: 1 Oct 2022, Saturday 

Master: FIN Crafted Goods 

Time: 1pm – 3pm, 3.30 – 5.30pm 

Location: UNIQLO Orchard Central Global Flagship store

Travel Essentials: A Masterpiece in Lightweight Innovation

Hendric Tay, travel enthusiast and founder of travel content platform The Travel Intern, will be sharing his extensive travel adventures and giving participants the low down on layering smart for winter travel. Participants will get to take home UNIQLO travel essentials*. 

*Item selection to be decided by UNIQLO. 

Dates: 2 Oct 2022, Sunday 

Master: Hendric Tay, The Travel Intern 

Time: 1pm – 2pm, 2.30pm – 3.30pm, 4pm – 5pm 

Location: UNIQLO Orchard Central Global Flagship store

Workwear: A Masterpiece in Tailored Fits

Matthew Lai, head cutter of bespoke Men’s Tailor KAY-JEN Journal,  knows what it takes to look smart and sharp in work attire. In this talk, he will be giving his perspective on how to nail the perfect fit of UNIQLO jackets, shirts, and trousers by choosing the right size and giving tips on alterations. Participants stand a chance to win one  FREE set of UNIQLO workwear*. 

*Item selection to be decided by UNIQLO. 

Dates: 8 Oct 2022, Saturday 

Master: Matthew Lai, KAY-JEN Journal 

Time: 1pm – 2pm, 2.30pm – 3.30pm. 4pm – 5pm 

Location: UNIQLO Orchard Central Global Flagship store

Knitwear: A Masterpiece in Artistic Innovation 

Textile artist Agatha Lee ‘Agy’ creates ethereal and delicate art pieces using the humble thread. In this workshop, she will be sharing her knitwear innovations, and how the power of the humble thread can be harnessed to create works of art. Using darning and embroidery techniques, participants will get to sew artistic textured patterns on a brooch. 

Dates: 9 Oct 2022, Sunday 

Master: Agatha Lee ‘Agy’ Time: 12.30pm – 2pm, 2.30pm – 4pm, 4.30pm – 6.00pm Location: UNIQLO Orchard Central Global Flagship store

The Denim Story

Cutting-edge technology and constant innovation gave birth to pioneering fabrics that are lightweight and stretchy, together with the industry game-changing BlueCycle, an eco-friendly and sustainable way to finish jeans with 99% less water.

Stretch Selvedge Jeans

An alluring aspect of this denim is that it is made with an old-style shuttle that has a distinctively vintage texture. We worked with skilled artisans from venerable denim maker Kaihara to implement unique modifications to the old-fashioned loom. These include updating the jeans to achieve modern comfort, while keeping the warmth and quality of old-fashioned hand work together with the textured feel of traditional denim. All of our selvedge fabric is still being produced in  Kaihara till today, where the utmost standard of cotton selection,  finishing and dyeing are upheld in the factory.  

Using rope dyeing technique on the denim yarn, this leaves the core of the yarn white while dyeing the outside a deep indigo. These jeans have been painstakingly dyed for the denim to turn a vintage pale blue over time, thus you’ll own a pair of jeans that gets more beautiful as time passes.

The Finest Knitwear

With WHOLEGARMENT® technology, our 3D Knit collection is produced three-dimensionally as one entire piece for an unrivalled, seamless fit on all bodies, demonstrating the heart of UNIQLO’s LifeWear philosophy.  Raw knit materials used such as extra fine merino and premium lambswool are also treated with the highest level of care, right down to the fineness of each wool fibre.

Women’s 3D knit cashmere crew neck Long Sleeve sweater

Starting this season, the entirety of the piece is crafted by machine using WHOLEGARMENT® knitting, adding to its dimensionality. The lack of seams makes it easy to contour and fit various body shapes while offering greater comfort. The cuffs, hemline, and collar are made using a different thickness of yarn than the body, thus ensuring that the sweater is stretch-resistant and firm. The sweater is also made to be resistant to pilling, making it hand washable. Additionally, it features a wide range of colours, from natural and elegant colours inspired by raw cashmere wool to trendy seasonal colours.

Workwear that Works Smart

We believe that our workwear essentials should strike a perfect balance of beauty, comfort and functionality.  To achieve this, details such as fabric construction, silhouette, and design are carefully considered to achieve a tailored look without compromising on comfort. No detail is too small to focus on – even the material and finish of a simple button is thoughtfully designed for ease of wear and a beautiful appearance.

Smart ankle pants 

These pants stretch vertically and horizontally with two-way stretch fabric to keep you comfortable all day long. With an improved tapered silhouette and a new gentle type of fabric developed from polyester and rayon, the pants now look better and feel comfortable too. The yarn is dyed with a mix of different colours, giving it the soft feel of wool. Some of its production materials were also upcycled from recycled plastic bottles. 

They may look like true trousers, but what’s unique is the rubber waistband at the back of the waist, with the outer fabric of the women’s products concealing it. The outer layer, sewn yarn, and lining are also elastic so you will not see the wrinkling typical with rubber waistbands.

Wonderfully Warm Winter Essentials

Our partnership with Toray led to innovative technologies such as Ultra Light Down, an outerwear jacket that was revolutionary in how thin, light and warm it is, and HEATTECH – an innovative fabric that generates heat from the body while being ultra thin. With these transformative technologies, UNIQLO’s winter essentials make winters warmer and lighter for all.

Ultra Light Down Jacket (Men, Women, Kids) 

By double-layering without down packing and the use of premium down, we were able to achieve an ultra thin compact jacket, made with specialised material that is woven from high-density nylon thread  – a tenth of the thickness of a strand of hair. This ultra-light down is of high quality, at a count of over 750 in terms of Fill Power. In addition,  the golden ratio of 90% down to 10% feathers is used to maximise warmth. A pouch is also attached for storage, making it easy to pack and carry. 

The kids’ jacket has reduced in weight, while having approximately 10%  more down than last year’s model, making for an even warmer wear.  It features a removable hood and a chin guard to prevent the zipper from hitting the face. Another thoughtful inclusion is a name tag to prevent others from taking it by accident.

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