How the Death of The Queen affected England’s People

In the afternoon of Thursday, September 8 Buckingham Palace announced on the website that the Queen had sadly passed away. Just a day before, the news broke out that the Queen was under medical supervision at Balmoral after doctors became concerned for her health. After the unfortunate passing of Her Majesty the Queen, many questions rose about what was going to change.

Firstly, a major factor in Britain that was affected is the economy. After the Queen’s death, a public holiday was declared. This means that the British economy will have an additional two holidays in 2022, more than any normal year. This added holiday could affect England’s economy via the hotel and tourism sector as they will be affected most by this change. 

The sports industry in England was also affected by the death of The Queen. Out of respect for the Queen, many sport events were affected. The more notable ones happened to the entire Premier League and EFL as their schedule for the weekend was postponed. Furthermore, Friday’s cricket fixtures as well as boxing, golf, horse racing, rugby, tennis, F1 and athletics were all affected by the death of Her Majesty. They were all either cancelled or started with a minute of silence. 

Joss Croft, CEO of tourism trade association UKinbound, told CNN Travel “We are expecting an increasing number of international visitors to travel to the UK, in particular London, in the coming days to not only mourn the passing of Her Majesty the Queen but also celebrate her life.”

Commuting in England, anywhere near the Buckingham Palace were also affected with travel disruptions as all the roads around Buckingham Palace was closed. Tourists that came from overseas couldn’t visit Buckingham Palace due to the closures. Restaurants and Theatres were also temporarily closed which meant that some theatre productions had to be called off.

The death of Her Majesty the Queen came as a shock to the world. She will forever be remembered by the people of England and everyone as a great leader that cared for her people. The effects that she had on the United Kingdom will continue in her memory.

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