Get Ready For Blast Off At Dubai’s Upcoming Moon World Resort

Fly me to the moon… nope, not that one. The one in Dubai.

Dubai, already well-known for the spectacular Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure in the world, will soon add a novel resort in the shape of a moon to its array of luxury attractions.

According to reports, project “Moon Dubai” will cost around $5 billion. It is proposed by Moon World Resorts Inc. (MWR), a Canadian design firm.

Michael Henderson, Co-Founder of Moon World Resorts, told the media that the structure will be substantial and distinctive. When finished, the project, which has a 198-meter sphere and a 224-meter height, would include 4000 luxurious rooms; with a “lunar surface” and a “lunar colony” surrounding it.

“It’s aimed at those who wish to participate authentic space tourism at an affordable price point,” said Michael. “Moon can accommodate 2.5 million annual guest astronauts onto its lunar surface … with space tourism finally taking off—with its associated prohibitive cost to participate—Moon’s timing is perfect!”

It will be free to enter “Moon,” but the main experience will cost $500.

The property will feature a spa and wellness unit, an event space, a nightclub, and ‘moon shuttle’, among other amenities.

A spherical base volume comprised of three “stacked” disks and the moon orb are the two main components of the building. The hotel lobby, convention center, and other amenities are all located at the base.

Moon World Resorts sees the rising popularity of space travel as a good reason for this worthwhile project. According to Henderson, if the project comes to life, Moon would be built to a LEED Gold five-star standard.

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