28 Hong Kong Street Launches New Cocktail Menu

The new menu features four uniquely themed bar concepts for guests to bar crawl in one space


(Sin & Misery at the Oldham; Brenda’s Bad Hand) 

Pioneer and stalwart of the Singapore bar scene, 28 HongKong  Street invites fans and friends to a new bar crawl experience, welcoming four new bar concepts  – Sin & Misery at the Oldham, Brenda’s Bad Hand, Halogen and 28 HongKong Street, all  within the same space.  

“Our latest menu brings together the best of 28 HongKong Street, innovation, creativity, and  everything else that makes 28 what it is. Keeping it invigorated and fresh post-pandemic, we  wanted to bring in new experiences by introducing four new concepts, to let our guests soak in  the unique ambiences without having to travel across the globe,” says Chris Peart, 28 HongKong  Street, General Manager. 

(From Left to Right: Halogen, 28 HongKong Street)  

Named ‘The 28HKS Bar Crawl’, the new menu is divided into four themes, offering an exciting  wide range of drink styles: Sin & Misery at the Oldham, Brenda’s Bad Hand, Halogen and 28  HongKong Street. Having experienced COVID-19 restrictions in the last two years, the 28  HongKong Street team created a four-part menu, where guests can “hop” around four uniquely  different bars in one place. Each concept comes with beautifully composed menu artwork that  translates the theme of each chapter. Featuring a total of 32 cocktails, with some presented by  labels such as AMASS, Michter’s, Bacardi, Bombay Sapphire and Maison Ferrand, expect each  drink to come to life with unconventional yet delectable flavour combinations that elevate the 

cocktail experience at 28 HongKong Street. Take your experience to the next level by scanning  the Spotify code on each menu and jam along with our special music picks!  

(From Left to Right: MidTown Manhattan, Brenda’s Breakfast, Vodka-Cran-22, Veg-O-Matic) 

Glam up and travel to The Oldham Hotel with 28 HongKong Street’s Sin & Misery – an intimate  and ‘elegantly wasted’ hotel bar. Grab a refreshing and savoury Brick Lane Martini (S$25++);  made with Hendricks & Hendricks Orbium Gins, Mancino Secco Vermouth, Red Onion and Brick  Lane Seasoning. If you are a fan of something rich and boozy, opt for MidTown Manhattan  (S$25++) instead. With a blend of Remy Martin VSOP Cognac, Rich Sherry Elevated Ratafia  and Amaro, sit comfy and enjoy every sip at Sin & Misery.  

Looking for Singapore’s best Honky Tonk bar? Hit the dance floor with 28 HongKong Street’s  Brenda’s Bad Hand. Whisky lovers, Brenda’s Breakfast (S$25++) is something right up your  alley – something bold, boozy yet classic! Made with Michter’s Bourbon, Monkey Shoulder  Whisky Brown Butter, Salted Maple and Smoke, this is literally a breakfast in a cocktail form.  For something richer and more complex, boost the night with Pickleback Sour (S$25++);  Michter’s Rye, Mancino Bianco Vermouth, Cucumber, Dill and Albumen.  

Have an electrifying 90s-inspired nightclub experience with Halogen – a blend of fun, techno and  disco for the whole night! Join us on the dance floor with Hue Bluwaiian (S$25++) and/or  Vodka-Cran-22 (S$25++). Feeling tropical? Go for the Hue Bluwaiian, made with Plantation  Pineapple Rum, Coconut, Blue Curacao, Sherry, and Lime – a must-have drink for this tropical  weather! Get into the vibe further with the Vodka-Cran-22; Reyka Vodka, Cranberry, Mancino  Bianco Vermouth, Bay Leaf and Pink Peppercorn – fizzy and refreshing on the tastebuds! 

A tribute to 28 HongKong Street where the magic first started, 28 HongKong Street is a refreshed  menu with 8 drinks to choose from. Groove along with two of our playlists, After Dark II and  “Lost & Found” Hip Hop and get into the mood with the Black Forrest Negroni (S$25++) and  Veg-O-Matic (S$25++). For a boozy night out, get yourself a Black Forrest Negroni, made with  Diplomatico Mantuano Rum, Campari, Cacao Nib, Mancino Rosso Vermouth, Taylors Ruby Port  and Dry Cherry. Or feeling adventurous? Go for the Veg-O-Matic, a mix of Widges Dry Gin and  Citadelle Original Gin, infused with Yellow Capsicum, Fino Sherry, Basil and Lemon.  

Fans of 28 HongKong Street and cocktail enthusiasts should definitely book your seats at 28  HongKong Street and get intrigued by the four concept bars, all in one space!

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