Netflix Unveils Upcoming Films and Series from Indonesia

Netflix has announced a slate of upcoming made-in-Indonesia films and series—its most ambitious yet. The seven new titles, spanning sci-fi thriller, comedy and period drama, were unveiled at the Waktu Netflix Indonesia (Time for Netflix Indonesia) event today.

Rusli Eddy, Content Lead, Indonesia, Netflix
Malobika Banerji, Director Content (SEA), Netflix

“The Indonesian film industry has evolved rapidly in recent years. More and more  creators and stories from Indonesia are now being seen and appreciated by audiences and critics around the world,” said Rusli Eddy, Content Lead, Indonesia, Netflix. “Our upcoming slate from Indonesia gives you authentic and unique stories, a representation of our country that is rich with stories and cultures, and brings you high-caliber talent whose significant works have shaped the film industry.” 

Since Netflix’s establishment in Indonesia in 2016, exceptional stories from Indonesia such as Ali & Ratu Ratu Queens and Photocopier have captured the hearts of audiences. The upcoming slate reflects the company’s commitment to help the industry build compelling content from the country, and taking these stories to the world.

End of this year, members can catch the first action-comedy film from Timo Tjahjanto called The Big 4. It tells the story of a by-the-book female detective who teams up with a group of down-on-their-luck assassins to investigate her father’s murder. Tjahjanto, who has signed a multi-project deal with Netflix, said: “To be able to share my story to the world, made possible by Netflix, is exciting. I cannot wait for people to see the movie.” 

Showrunner Shanty Harmayn, in collaboration with directors Kamila Andini and Ifa Isfansyah, will release Netflix’s first Indonesian period drama Gadis Kretek, set against the backdrop of the country’s cigarette industry in the 1960s. “Rooted in Indonesia, I believe this beautiful story will resonate with audiences everywhere,” Harmayn said. 

Internationally renowned director Joko Anwar will unveil his new sci-fi thriller Nightmares and Daydreams, about ordinary people encountering strange phenomena. The series has multiple storylines which intersect with each other and lead to a dramatic denouement. Said Anwar: “Indonesia is so full of unique and extraordinary stories. I’m always excited to have the chance to bring these stories to a wider audience, especially those that relate to the origins of our world.”

Other films and series announced include:

Dear David, an unconventional coming-of-age story, created by Muhammad Zaidy and directed by Lucky Kuswandi; quirky sitcom Klub Kecanduan Mantan (Ex-Addicts Club) by Salman Aristo; Hari Ini Akan Kita Ceritakan Nanti (Today We’ll Talk About That Day), the latest installment from the Nanti Kita Cerita tentang Hari Ini (One Day We’ll Talk About Today) universe by director Angga Dwimas Sasongko; and Komedi Kacau (Comedy Chaos) series from writer, director and comic Raditya Dika that presents a rare glimpse into the comedy world; and an exciting project with writer-director Ernest Prakasa.

The Big 4

Director:  Timo Tjahjanto

Writer: Timo Tjahjanto, Johanna Wattimena 

Starring:  Abimana Aryasatya, Putri Marino, Arie Kriting, Lutesha, Kristo Immanuel, Marthino Lio, Michelle Tahalea, Budi Ros, Donny Damara

Logline: A by-the-book detective investigates the death of her father and follows a clue to a remote tropical island, only to find out his true identity as a leader of a group of assassins. Now hunted by his enemies, she has to team up with the crooks her father had trained – four retired, down on their luck assassins itching to get back in the game.

Dear David

Director:  Lucky Kuswandi

Writer: Muhammad Zaidy, Winnie Benjamin, Daud Sumolang 

Starring:  Shenina Cinnamon, Emir Mahira, Caitlin North Lewis

Logline: The future of straight-A student Laras might be jeopardized when her secret fantasy blog is revealed to her whole school. 

Hari Ini Akan Kita Ceritakan Nanti (Today We’ll Talk About That Day)

Director:  Angga Dwimas Sasongko

Writer: Angga Dwimas Sasongko 

Starring:  Jourdy Pranata, Yunita Siregar

Logline: A prequel to Nanti Kita Cerita Tentang Hari Ini, this film follows the love story of young Narendra and Ajeng who come from different backgrounds.

Netflix Series

Klub Kecanduan Mantan (Ex-Addicts Club)

Director:  Kuntz Agus, Bambang Kuntara Mukti

Writer:  Salman Aristo

Starring: Chicco Kurniawan, Rachel Amanda, Agatha Pricilla, Andri Mashadi, Hafizh Weda

Logline: Five individuals struggling to get over their break ups come together to form a unique support group.

Komedi Kacau (Comedy Chaos)

Director:  Raditya Dika

Writer: Raditya Dika, Muttaqiena Imaamaa

Starring: Raditya Dika, Susan Sameh

Logline: Down on his luck, Panca has to juggle managing his recently acquired comedy club and married life. 

Gadis Kretek

Director:  Kamila Andini, Ifa Isfansyah

Writer: Tanya Yuson, Ratih Kumala

Starring: Dian Sastrowardoyo, Ario Bayu, Putri Marino, Arya Saloka

Logline: Set against the backdrop of Indonesia’s cigarette industry, the history of which is closely intertwined with that of Indonesia, this epic romance cuts between the past and the present as an estranged son honors the wish of his dying father, a cigarette mogul, to search for Jeng Yah, a young woman from his past. Along the way, these characters will confront past hurts and long-buried family secrets.  

Nightmares and Daydreams

Director:  Joko Anwar, Upi Avianto, Randolph Zaini, Ray Pakpahan

Writer: Joko Anwar, Tia Hasibuan, Rafki Hidayat, Pratiwi JulianiLogline: A sci-fi thriller series about ordinary people encountering strange phenomena and plots will intertwine leading to a dramatic denouement.

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