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The meal prep delivery industry is arguably one of the most inventive industries to emerge in recent years. It is much simpler to prepare and enjoy homemade meals with the help of this practical service. Meal Prep services are very individualized and provide a wide range of customization choices. Your creativity is the sole restriction on the customer-centered experience and what you can receive.

Enter, Cheekies. a subscription service that delivers pre-prepared meals centered on chicken and offers customers a variety of chicken flavors that are delivered straight to their doorstep. Their mission is to provide “AFFORDABLE & ACCESSIBLE MEAL PREPS FOR EVERYONE”.

How do they do it?

The “LEGO SYSTEM,” In which you select your macros from packages and cook yourself.

A single package can usually serve you for SIX to SEVEN meals! You can cook almost anything, which makes your money worthwhile.

AtterMen had the opportunity to speak with the founder of Cheekies Nabill Shukry

Inspiration to start Cheekies

Nabill sought for diet regimens when he wanted to bulk up. Looking over the internet, he discovered that the ready-to-eat food was pricey and of inferior quality. He also detested chicken breasts. So he returned home and studied several methods for rendering chicken breasts more soft and juicy. Additionally, he added other flavors from my family. 

“When Covid came, I thought this would be a great side income. It turns out to be one of the biggest projects I have ever embarked on. Serving 1000 customers and producing 5000kg of chicken at home based capacity. ” Nabill Added.

As it turns out, Nabill discovered that many others had the same issues as him since poorly prepared or cooked chicken breasts are usually terrible.

Keeping up with customer’s demands

After three months, Nabill and his colleagues discovered that customers became bored with the same flavors. Every three months, they switch up their flavors. They offer a three-month membership option.

Anytime customers choose, they may discontinue their membership plan. They give their regulars and subscribers excellent service and access to forthcoming flavors. Subscribers are also entitled to try new menu items before everyone else.

Keeping up with customer’s demands

“There are plenty of ups and downs. When you are up, you prepare for the downs. ” Nabill explained

Although the chicken shortage had a negative impact on their business, it turned out to be advantageous. They were compelled to think creatively and create brand-new menu items that became popular right away. August, the most recent month, was their greatest ever, and it happened under the chicken ban. Additionally, it made them reevaluate their marketing tactics, which led them to join TikTok and resurrect their company.

“There’s plenty of self doubts and days you won’t sleep. It’s a rollercoaster ride where you are addicted to the thrill when you ride on it. To overcome it, surround yourself with likeminded people and you will know that you are not alone.” Nabill added.

Posses the mental toughness to face the pressure of becoming an entrepreneur. Few people survive. Nobody will ever be able to predict if this “Down” would result in the greatest comeback. Instead of celebrating each triumph, keep your attention on what comes next. Small victories can be celebrated. But more than anything else, complacency is what destroys enterprises. 

“Whatever you want to do, just start. If you are scared, do it scared then. Do not seek validation from anyone except the market. Business competitions are a waste of time when your business have not started. The business you start with might not even be the business you will strike gold with. Things change and you adapt to it. The most important thing is to get started. I’ve seen many wishful entrepreneurs still planning their business for years but have not started anything. Execution is most important. ” An advice from Nabill for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Cheekis has so far been featured in a variety of media, most notably on the radio show Ria 89.7FM. On Instagram and TikTok, Cheekies has a devoted fan base, with TikTok video views exceeding 10,000.

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