Step Up Your Fit Game With The Knit Polo Trend

Well-loved by dads, golfers and guys who live their lives in smart-casual, the polo shirt is one of fashion’s greatest equalizers. You might already own one due to its versatility, but there’s a variation of this classic piece of clothing that you’ll definitely want to invest in – one that’s been taking over men’s fashion by storm lately – the knit polo.

It might not be obvious, but a knit polo has a noticeable flair in comparison to your run-of-the-mill pique fabric polo. Because of its smoother, softer, and dressier-feeling fabric, it swaps the sporty aesthetic that a regular polo gives for a more effortless, sleek look. Whether you pair it with chinos, formal pants or jeans, it adds a touch of fashionable elegance to your outfit.

The Knit Polo and Hollywood

Chris Evans arrived at the Lightyear premiere wearing pleated slacks, loafers, and a knit shirt with an impressionist painting-inspired design. Normally, that wouldn’t be particularly noteworthy, but Evans’ influence and the increasing popularity of knitted shirts created a buzz among fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. 200 pieces of his $210 shirt, produced by British startup label Percival, were sold out in a matter of minutes. A week later, 200 more were restocked, but they were also gone in a flash.

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However, the knit doesn’t stop at Evans. Stylists like Ilaria Urbinati love to dress mega stars like Ryan Reynolds, Tom Holland, and The Rock in knit polos. “It’s a very hard-working shirt,” Ilaria says. “They look good with everything and are more put together than a pique cotton polo…If you’re in shape they show off your muscles, and if you’re not, they’re still flattering.”

Knit polos have the versatility all men love, so it’s become a go-to weapon in their armory.

How to serve a look with knit polos

Knit polos are currently the shirts guys are turning to more than any other for an instant dose of leading man-level style. The knit polo’s charm lies in the fact that it conveys a look that’s well put-together. It is the ideal option for guys wishing to spice up their wardrobe without venturing into the statement-making zone. Give this comfy, sleek, and versatile shirt a try and you just might succumb to the trend.

Pair it with rolled-up chino pants and some casual sneakers or loafers for a contemporary look that’s perfect for work brunches or evenings at the bar, or shorts and lightweight sandals for a day at the beach or a stroll around town. The possibilities are endless!

Here are some knit polos for you to consider:

Retro Knitted Jacquard Polo Shirt – Vintage Olive

Chief Jacquard Knit Long Sleeve Polo

Short Sleeve Vertical Striped Merino Wool Polo – Swansea

Standard Cloth Refine Button-Up Polo Sweater – Urban Outfitters

Regular Fit Fine-knit polo shirt – H&M

Cotton Rich Striped Knitted Polo Shirt – Marks & Spencer


Structured knit polo shirt – Mango

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