The Rogue Sport crossover will be discontinued by Nissan Motor Co.

Nissan Motor Co. will discontinue the Rogue Sport crossover as it restructures its lineup for an electrically powered future and focuses on higher-volume designs. In a memo acquired by Automotive Information, Nissan notified retailers that production of the Rogue Sport would end in December.

“With the all-new Rogue and lately redesigned Kicks, we are going to proceed to cowl this a part of [the] market successfully,” Scott Shirley, Nissan vice president, mentioned in the memo.

Nissan may move production to more popular models like the Rogue, Kicks, and Pathfinder by discontinuing the Rogue Sport.

As long as there is stock available and Nissan continues to provide component support through 2033, Rogue Sport sales will continue beyond the first quarter of 2023.

The Rogue Sport and Rogue small crossover share a platform and are sold outside of the US as the Qashqai. It is only somewhat smaller, has a unique engine, entirely different dealing with attributes, and a unique target market. When The Rogue Sport debuted in the United States in 2017, it was marketed as a conquest model to entice fresh and young customers.

But only two years later, whispers about the Rogue Sport’s doom began to spread. The crossover between the entry-level Kicks and the higher-volume Rogue has been unable to identify its niche. A gap between the Rogue and the more affordable Rogue Sport has expanded as a result of the Rogue’s slight upscaling.

According to a vendor who asked to remain anonymous, Nissan will be able to invest more in the little Kicks by doing rid of the Rogue Sport. Early in 2024, the Kicks will get a redesign that could make it longer and wider, reducing the difference in size between the two crossovers. The new Kicks are said to be more aggressive and “SUV-like” by sellers.

Meanwhile, the Rogue underwent a redesign final 12 months, included a new platform and a fresh appearance.

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