Proof & Company presents the multi-award-winning Italian Spirit, Amaro Lucano

The leading distributor of independent spirits, cocktail ingredients and fine barware in Singapore, Hong Kong and China, Proof & Company currently houses over 500 extraordinary spirits, bar tools and glassware, 50 independent brand partners, 10,000+ hospitality partners, 500+ retail partners, and has 20 pillar programs to develop new bars all around the world. Adding on to their expanding collection of premium craft spirits, Proof & Company partnered with the Italian herbal liqueur brand Amaro Lucano, exclusive distribution rights for Singapore and Hong Kong.

Founded in 1984 by the Cavalier Pasquale Vena and passed down to the generations using a closely guarded heirloom recipe, the multi-award-winning Amaro Lucano boasts a robust aromatic palate with over 30 herbs. Taste the perfect balance of a gentian bitterness and sweetness with fragrant pine, lavender, and citrus notes with every sip. At the heart of the Lucano brand lies four core values that drive the liqueur’s success: quality, knowledge, tradition, and innovation. From 2022 Amaro Lucano is the official amaro sponsor of The World’s 50 Best Bars and Asia’s 50 Best Bars.

Amaro Lucano is available at select venues in Singapore, including 28 Hong Kong Street, ART, Monti, Bar Milano, and Warehouse hotel. Known for its distinct flavour, it is best enjoyed neat, on the rocks or with the addition of orange peel. Individual bottles of Amaro Lucano (S$54/ 750ml) are also available for purchase at EC Embrace your inner mixologist and have a go at mixing your drinks by following these recipes below:

Negroni Lucano

Build the cocktail on rice in a rock glass with the following ingredients. Garnish with an orange slice and a lemon zest to discard.

  • 30ml Amaro Lucano
  • 30ml Vermouth
  • 30ml Gin
  • 20ml Bitter
  • Orange Slice and Lemon Peel

Lucano Cup

Stir & Strain on an ice chunk. Garnish with chocolate-covered dried pear

  • 45ml Amaro Lucano
  • 50ml Green Apple Juice
  • 50ml Ginger Ale

A Lucanian in Manhattan

In a mixing glass filled with ice cubes, pour 25ml of Amaro Lucano and 50ml of tequila blanco, stir and pour into an ice cold coup. Garnish with lime zest.

  • 25ml Amaro Lucano
  • 50ml Tequila Blanco
  • Zest of Lime

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