NASA releases chilling audio clip of what a black hole sounds like

This week, NASA posted an audio clip that lets you “hear” a black hole. Spoiler alert: it’s pretty terrifying.

There is a misconception that there is no sound in space, according to NASA Exoplanets, a team within the organization focusing on planets and other information outside of our solar system, who tweeted the 34-second clip on Sunday.

The actual sounds of the black hole are 57 octaves below middle C – which is beyond the range of human hearing. The Perseus cluster’s X-ray-visible ripples, which were associated with inaudible sounds, were observed by NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and recorded as data. NASA then increased the noises’ frequencies by 144 and 288 quadrillion times from their original values in order to make them audible.

This audio clip, of course, garnered tons of reactions online.

Most people found it terrifying:

While some found it amusing:

Read the full report by NASA about this discovery here.

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